If you’re like many indies, you didn’t jump into writing and publishing full time with a limitless budget for your startup expenses. Plenty of us need to make careful financial choices and spend based on items classified as needs rather than wants.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t excellent free options for the bootstrapping […]

Natalie Hobbs Authors can publish their stories in many different ways beyond an entire novel released on a one certain date. Serial platforms, websites where authors can release stories by episode or chapter instead of as a complete collection, are a great way for authors to gain exposure from readers and get feedback from their […]

One Service to Rule Them All Author Helper Suite Gives Users A Hand with Organizing the Backend of Book Businesses Jenn Mitchell Although it might sound like a bit of a stretch, “one service to rule them all” comes directly from a testimonial blurb about Author Helper Suite (AHS) from bestselling author Shane Silvers. Endorsements […]

2020 was a pivotal year for everyone. COVID quarantines had people scrambling for things to do, especially creatives. For writers, book signings were postponed indefinitely. Screenwriters watched as filming around the globe halted, and life generally took a dystopian turn. More than ever, networking on social media took center stage as we strived to keep […]

ScribeCount bills itself as an indie author’s best friend—and if you’re looking for a platform that provides deep insight into your aggregate sales data, then its claim may be true. With the ability to collect data from multiple sales platforms, customize your own reports, and a pricing structure that flexes with your monthly sales, ScribeCount […]

Released: 2018 Operating System: Online at Price: Basic: Free (Limited access) Standard: $10/month or $100/year (Full access) Guided Setup is available for a fee StoryOrigin is, by all measures, a wealth of resources for an author first starting out or trying to organize and build their publishing business. This online web app boasts three […]

With more than ten thousand authors already using Plottr, the story outlining and organizational software, many indie authors already find plenty of value in the platform and its features. A previous article published in May 2021 in Indie Author Magazine took a deep dive into potential uses and determined it was a solid tool for […]

Congratulations! You’ve poured your heart and soul onto the page, and your book has come to life. You’ve planned the launch to end all launches and even built the perfect landing page where your legion of fans can subscribe to your newsletter while they anxiously wait, cash in hand, for your next release. Sounds like […]

A lot of buzz surrounds the brand-new software Atticus, the brainchild of Dave Chesson, the founder of Kindlepreneur. Atticus has been described as the love child between the well-established programs Vellum and Scrivener. Early access was by invite only, but since the beginning of November, the app is available for purchase at  The software […]

There’s nothing like a native speaker to help translate a text. But what if there were advanced AI technology that could help bring translated books into the world more quickly and with less of a dent to the author’s budget? Would you be interested in that option? Honestly, who wouldn’t be?  The question: Is translation […]

Organizing the Workflows of Writing Greg Fishbone Notion is the organizing tool I didn’t know I needed but now can’t live without. The slick web and mobile app interfaces collect notes, tasks, and projects together into a single Swiss Army knife of information. Other tools might do a few things better, but I’ve found nothing […]

What do authors Salman Rushdie and Chuck Palahniuk have in common with a small army of indie authors? They’re actively publishing newsletters and creative content on the newsletter platform Substack. Let’s look at why this new platform might be the hottest place to publish your next novel and connect with a whole new group of […]

Asana (, an organizational app, lets you set up projects and tasks, keep track of them, and nail your deadlines. With a free plan and several paid options, you can try it out to see what you think and only pay if you really need the extra users and features. While Asana doesn’t offer as […]

Using Microsoft Word to prepare your book for publication Gill Fernley If you don’t have the budget to hire a formatter, but you’re still dying to get your book out there, the good news is that you can do it yourself. And you’ve probably already got the program we’re going to focus on. Microsoft Word. […]

Fast, Polished Formatting Chrishaun Keller-Hanna Released: 2013 Operating System: Apple/Mac Price: Vellum eBook $199.99 (can produce interiors for eBooks only) Vellum Press $249.99 (can produce interiors for eBook and Print) What is it? Simply put, Vellum is an interior book layout software that offers authors a high-end formatting experience without the price or the learning […]

There are few things in life as personally painful as a breakup. When you’re a businessperson, you’ll learn eventually that changing your vendors and contractors can feel much the same way. Especially if you’ve worked with them for a long period or if they’re friends, or worse, family. And trust me, it doesn’t get easier […]

So, your book has been edited, and your designer has sent you an amazing, genre-appropriate cover. Congratulations! Now it’s time to upload it to the Amazon store, a retailer which accounts for 70% of the US e-book market. This article will take you through the process step-by-step and point out any pitfalls.  How to Find […]

In “Wide vs. Exclusive: Which is for You?” (IAM May 2021), we covered the pros and cons of publishing e-books as widely as possible. The alternative is publishing through programs requiring exclusivity, like Amazon’s KDP Select program. When authors decide to publish their e-books wide, the next question is: “go direct” or use a distributor? […]

How to Use Merchandise Sales on your Website to Make Money and Grow Your Brand In today’s economy, it’s a given that relying on a single stream of income is risky business. For authors, that means looking at your books as content and finding ways to slice and dice your creative work into other methods […]

How to Revise Your Novel (and Have Fun Doing It) Writers Helping Writers Writers helping Writers is a source site for all of your thesaurus and grammar needs. Their website boasts an incredible “bookshelf” which allows authors to learn and reference from other literary works. They also have an incredible collection of resources and webinars […]

When it comes to revision, Stephen King might’ve worded it best. Editing “is always a little like murdering children,” he wrote in his book On Writing, “but it must be done.” But finding where to start rewriting can be just as challenging as actually writing. It’s no wonder many authors use editing software to kick-start […]

Ad Graphics That Sell Your novel debuts. The story is amazing. The cover is on trend. The product description is flawless. But not every author is going to find their audience from the moment they click the publish button. For those requiring the extra push to find readers, advertising might be a necessity. But what […]

It’s no secret that a good cover can sell a book. Once you have a cover made, you want to get that cover in front of as many eyes as possible. This means making advertisements, newsletters, social media posts—even videos—so you can share with your audience and build it. Not everyone is prepared for the […]

#3 July – Cover Design If you see a font you want to identify, check out Font Squirrel Matcherator.  Just upload an image with type and this tool will show you the fonts that match. The Brusheezy website has a vast collection of Photoshop documents (PSDs), brushes, patterns, textures, actions, shapes, styles, and gradients to […]

On April 13th, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) announced a new program: Kindle Vella, a home for serial stories. Like Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Worlds before it, indie authors around the world have shown enormous interest in the upcoming program, which is due to launch this summer. But like all Amazon programs, we authors are […]

When writing your novel, you want a program that can contain all the amazing ideas that are swirling around in your brain in one place. Literature & Latte’s Scrivener is designed to do just that. More than just a word processor, it provides a place to plot your novel, write it, hold all your research, […]

You’ve decided to write that novel. You opened Word, but now you’re staring at a blank screen and… what? What actually goes into writing a novel?  This is when Plottr walks in wearing a poncho, chewing a cigar, and it’s here to be your hero. Plottr is a visual outlining tool for writers, developed by […]

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