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Informing, educating, and inspiring the indie author community.

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The History of Indie Author Magazine

It all started in a castle in Scotland. 

A group of writers met at a conference, and continued to stay in touch afterward. Two of the attendees, Chelle Honiker and Alice Briggs, started meeting each week as accountability partners.

In early 2021, together with their smartest indie writer friends and colleagues, Indie Author Magazine was born.


The mission of Indie Author Magazine is to inform, educate, and inspire authors at every stage of their careers.


Our vision is to be the trusted industry leader for reliable resources and information for indie authors by providing unbiased, well-researched, and articulate content in a timely manner, in the most engaging format possible.

Our Core Values

  • We value individual definitions of success and the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • We value diversity in people in every way.
  • We value openness, honesty, integrity, and transparency.
  • We value stewardship of money and fair pay for our team.
  • We value passionate debate and diversity of thought.
  • We strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment.
  • We value accountability in ourselves, to one another, to our readership, and our stakeholders.
  • We value service and support by giving generously and for the right reasons.


IAM is a project of Athenia Creative Services, LLC, a privately held Nevada Corporation. 

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