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Plottr Offers Peek at Pro Version Coming Later This Month

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With more than ten thousand authors already using Plottr, the story outlining and organizational software, many indie authors already find plenty of value in the platform and its features. A previous article published in May 2021 in Indie Author Magazine took a deep dive into potential uses and determined it was a solid tool for a variety of author types. 

But good things can always improve, and now the company is hoping the new Plottr Pro, set to be available May 11, will do just that.

“One of the important things for us was to make it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible,” says Plottr co-founder Ryan Zee. “In a way, the Pro version is geared towards people who want to be able to use and plot from wherever they are, whether that’s online or from a device that can’t install a desktop program on it. We also know that people can have difficulty figuring out how to sync files across devices, so we wanted to make that easier for people. On the collaboration front, we know that a lot of authors work with editors or co-authors and collaborators, and we wanted to make that process easier.”

The existing Plottr functions include the ability to visually organize stories on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS; create story and series bibles; use a variety of plot templates; and the option to export files to Microsoft Word and Scrivener. 

In addition, Plottr Pro will introduce the following new features:

·      Access to Plottr on web, desktop, and mobile

·      Online and offline use

·      Automatic syncing across all devices

·      Collaboration between multiple parties in real time (Note: All parties will require Pro accounts to work in a document simultaneously.)

·      Built-in cloud backups

·      Improved mobile experience

·      Availability on Chromebook

Of course, lists are fine and dandy, but what does any of that mean for those already using Plottr? How do you decide, awesome author that you are, whether you need to look into this new upgrade? 

If we’re being honest, maybe you don’t. Maybe the templates and series bibles are the best bang for your buck. But if you like to work on the same document on your tablet, phone, and laptop at any given time; forget to save your progress periodically; or work with co-authors or collaborators, Plottr Pro might be the way to go. 

And while the first release of Plottr Pro will have the additional functionality listed above, even more updates in the works will be rolled out to Pro subscribers in the future at no additional cost. These will include commenting, tracked changes, and editing history—all features MS Word fans are likely already familiar with. 

Plottr and Plottr Pro are just two tools to consider when building your author toolbox. As with any tool or program, you must decide if this works for you. The basic Plottr program includes a free fourteen-day trial and subscription rates starting at $25 annually or $99 for a lifetime subscription on a single device. The Pro version will also include annual and lifetime rates, and though annual rates are still being finalized, Zee says lifetime subscriptions will be offered for $297. More information about Plottr Pro is available on the Plottr YouTube channel, the Plottr email list, and it’s, http://plottr.com.  

If you’d like to learn more about technology for authors, including Plottr, visit https://IndieAuthorTools.com, and stay tuned for more information on Indie Author Magazine’s inaugural Author Tech Summit happening later this year!

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