How to Revise Your Novel (and Have Fun Doing It)

Caroline Leavitt and Gina Sorrelli discuss revisions  because finishing the first draft doesn’t mean you’re finished. Revision is where the real work comes in.

Writers Helping Writers

Writers helping Writers is a source site for all of your thesaurus and grammar needs. Their website boasts an incredible “bookshelf” which allows authors to learn and reference from other literary works. They also have an incredible collection of resources and webinars to help every author thrive.

Hemingway Editor

Need help self-editing?  The free Hemingway Editor is simple way to improve your writing. Just paste your text into the application, and it provides suggestions for removing unnecessary words such as adverbs or tautology. It also suggests reframing sentences from passive voice to active voice and much more. Hemingway is useful when you want to cut your word-count without omitting essential points.


BetaBooks is an easy-to-use online app to manage all your beta reader feedback.

The software was designed specifically to solve authors’ feedback management problems. It provides:

  • a safe and easy method to share your manuscript
  • a way to know exactly who is reading
  • a process that saves your feedback and your inbox.

Get inline reactions, chapter-by-chapter, or questionnaires only. You decide what works best for you. Sort and filter your feedback by reader, chapter, or keyword, turn it into your personal to-do list and get your book done.

BetaBooks offers three plans — starting free (one book, up to three readers) and topping at $34.99 a month for unlimited books and readers. And you can put your subscription on hold when you’re not using it.

How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript Like a Pro

Lisa Lepki of ProWritingAid is here to help you spot (and fix) the ten most common writing mistakes. These mistakes won’t just make you seem like an amateur — they will also hinder your chances of losing readers.

Listen to this article:

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