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Indie Author Magazine is an unbiased, well-researched, and timely resource for the new breed of writer taking charge of their writing and publishing career.

The executive team and staff writers are all working indie authors from different countries, writing in different genres, and at different stages of their career. The core founders developed a tight-knit community in early 2020 and realized that together their collective experiences and strengths could be leveraged to help one another, as well as the indie author community as a whole. 

After launching a website to organize the tools they were sharing with one another ( as well as a book club and an Amazon Influencer channel, they turned their attention to how they could help other authors wade through the glut of information available to indie authors from an unbiased and inside-the-industry perspective. 

Each month we’ll have a focus area, and for the next twelve issues it will loosely follow the iterative process of publishing a novel, starting with outlining and including first drafts, covers, editing, etc. We have two special issues that break with the process to highlight National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where many indie authors get started, and a special issue in December that focuses on goal setting and preparing for a productive new year. 

Within each issue, we’ll include three articles related to the monthly focus, as well as a featured author, industry news, genre discussions, and several regular features. We focus on the positive aspects of our budding industry, and you’ll find we pay special attention to health and wellness topics for our bodies, and mindset topics for our brains. Be sure and meet Indie Annieour own take on the advice column, penned by an irreverent and sassy avatar with a flair for fashionable scarves and a tipple in her teacup.

We have several ways to read our articles:

  • Membership-Based Website
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  • Print Magazine (Available June, 2021)

In addition, we offer bonus content on our various social media channels: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Amazon Spotlight.

The depth of the research involved with writing, editing, and formatting the articles and presenting them in the most engaging and timely format went far beyond the possibility of making this a “free” blog. Each of the writers is a professional, and we employ a production team to ensure the highest quality we can offer. We value their time and expertise. We hope you will too. 

To provide the highest quality magazine possible, while keeping the price affordable, we’re subsidizing our subscriptions costs with a limited number of relevant ads, and we’re committed to keeping those tightly focused on courses, products, and services that make sense for authors in the context of their business. You can learn more about our advertising opportunities and ethos here.

IAM chooses its advertisers carefully. We won’t run ads related to illegal activities. We won’t accept payment for favorable reviews. We crafted an ethics policy for our staff to follow, which includes disclosing any personal relationships with vendors and advertisers. We’ve outlined guidance related to receiving gifts or other quid pro quo arrangements.

IAM is a project of Athenia Creative Services, LLC, a privately held Nevada Corporation. The Publisher (Chelle Honiker) and Creative Director (Alice Briggs) launched IAM with a core team with whom we’ve worked for more than a year. We hired two Managing Editors, Robyn Sarty and Erika Everest, and the four of us form the executive team. Each managing editor is responsible for different sections of the magazine and the assignments. We employ Staff Writers and Contributors detailed here. 

We welcome contributing writers to submit applications of interest here. We aren’t currently adding to our staff writer pool at this time, but will post open positions from time to time on our jobs board. 

If you’re an indie author, published or unpublished, or simply considering how to get started as an indie author, IAM is for you. While much of our content is focused on the topics and concerns of working indie authors, we write with the intent that the content will be evergreen, and we welcome feedback if any of our articles need to be revisited for updates. We endeavor to speak to as many genres as possible for both fiction and non-fiction writers.

When we launch on May 3, 2021 we’ll offer digital full memberships $5.99 per month. Digital memberships come with bonus content on the website including video interviews, special podcast episodes, extra discounts with partners, and other content. With every paid digital membership, you’ll receive a code to unlock that month’s issue on your choice of iOS or Android app. 

We also offer App Only rates available through Google Play and Apple App Marketplace for $6.99 per issue.


We welcome applications for contributing writers. We can receive applications here and will schedule interviews for candidates that meet selection criteria.

We love to learn about new tools and services and encourage you to first post them at where the editors will review and post them if they’re a good fit. If you’d like to learn more about advertising in the magazine, visit this page to learn about rates and the rules that govern all our ads.

Possibly! We’re invested in the stories and experiences of other indie authors and we would love to hear yours. Visit our story pitch page to learn more.

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