Working screenwriter with a retro typewriter
Angie Martin

Plotting a Book vs. a Screenplay

You’ve finished your novel, published it, received rave reviews, and sold lots of copies, and now you want something more for your story. You can see your characters on the

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Man in wheel chair writing
Health & Wellness
Angie Martin

Writing with Chronic Illness

Writing with chronic illness looks much different than writing without—and so does self-care. We often think of self-care as what we see prevalent in commercials or on the internet: spa

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Mysterious and disturbed portrait of a young man in darkness
Genre Tropes
Angie Martin

Getting Inside Your Readers’ Minds

The Psyche of a Psychological Thriller Angie Martin We’ve all heard of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, and Shutter Island, among others. We open the front cover of

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Concert Photographers
Angie Martin

Paperback Paparazzi

Tackling Author Signing Events Ah, book signings. The glam, the glitz, the autographs, the pics. The chaos, the questions, the preparation, the rejection. If you’ve ever signed books before, you

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