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Laurel Decher

Rocket Fuel Doesn’t Come in a Can

Why Wide Authors Need A Custom Launch Plan Laurel Decher Book launch plans are all over the internet, including the twelve in my “Read Later” folder. They are fun to

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Laurel Decher

MINDSET Check-up

Resetting and restarting By the time you reach the editing stage, you’ve been working on your project for a long time. Your creative brain might be tired. Maybe you have

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Laurel Decher

What’s Your Type?

How to Use the Magic Melding of Letters and Art to Sell More Books Typography is more than letters spelling out your title. It’s the music to your lyrics. The

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Laurel Decher

Wide Vs. Exclusive: Which Is For You?

“Should you go wide?” is one of the most popular questions in Indie publishing. “Wide” publishing means offering your ebook(s) in as many channels, languages, countries, and formats as you

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