Marion Hermannsen

Seeing Through the Fog

Key Definitions to Remember When Formatting Your Book Your story is written and edited. The next hurdle is how to make it available to your readers.  There are several options:

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10 Tips
Marion Hermannsen

Ten Tips for Goodreads

At its core, Goodreads is a social media platform. It lives for the interaction between its users. Yet authors aren’t as active as they need to be to get the

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Featured Author
Marion Hermannsen

Andrew Dobell – Best of Both Worlds

Andrew Dobell is a highly regarded British designer whose bright and colorful covers are easily recognizable. He’s also an author who straddles several genres, which makes him the perfect person

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First Drafts
Marion Hermannsen

Dictating Your Way to a First Draft

We’ve all read that publishing fast can be one of the drivers for a successful indie publishing career. In fact, there are writers who consistently produce a book a month.

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