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Bre Lockhart

Armed with a degree in Communications and Public Relations, Bre Lockhart survived more than a decade in the corporate America trenches before jumping headfirst into writing urban fantasy and sci-fi, followed later by mystery under a second pen name. She’s also one-third of a fiction editing team who probably enjoy their jobs a bit too much most days. As an experienced extrovert, Bre uses her questionable humor and red—sometimes other colors, too—glasses at writer conferences to draw unsuspecting introverts into her bubble of conversation; no one is safe. On her days off, you can find Bre camping and traveling with her family or organizing an expansive collection of lipstick at her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ines Johnson


Hey guys, what’s up? My name’s Ines.
I’m a television producer/writer turned romance novelist. My path to becoming a full time author wasn’t a smooth one.
After pulling in an annual income of three and four figure royalties for years, and suffering through low or no reviews, as well as lackluster sell-through from book to book, I finally figured out what readers wanted.
Now I teach fiction authors how to write more bingeworthy books using pacing techniques from episodic television structure. Unlike other plotting courses, the Page Turner Pacing course helps writers craft their own plotting system that’s tailored to their subgenre, so that they can increase sales by giving their specific readers the compelling, quality stories they crave in a timely manner.

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