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What's with the name?

20BooksTo50K is an indie writers FB group started by American Science Fiction and Fantasy author, Michael Anderle. He started writing in 2015 and wanted to prove it needn’t take years to earn a living from writing.

His ambition was to earn 50K a year from his books so he could retire comfortably to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:
“I’ve talked in the past about how I wanted to create an income of $50k a year by having a backlist of 20 books. I came up with this number because I noticed after the first few days of selling my first book, I was averaging about $7.50 a day in income. At that number ($7.50 a day for each of the 20 books) I’d make $54k. You only need $36k to enjoy a very nice retirement in Cabo San Lucas. That was my goal.” (Michael Anderle)
And so the premise of 20BooksTo50K® was born.
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