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Photo of Craig Martelle on the Cover of Indie Author Magazine

On the cover

Craig Martelle

The Man, The Myth, The Leader.

What's with the name?

20BooksTo50K® is an indie writers FB group started by American Science Fiction and Fantasy author, Michael Anderle. He started writing in 2015 and wanted to prove it needn’t take years to earn a living from writing.

His ambition was to earn 50K a year from his books so he could retire comfortably to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:
“I’ve talked in the past about how I wanted to create an income of $50k a year by having a backlist of 20 books. I came up with this number because I noticed after the first few days of selling my first book, I was averaging about $7.50 a day in income. At that number ($7.50 a day for each of the 20 books) I’d make $54k. You only need $36k to enjoy a very nice retirement in Cabo San Lucas. That was my goal.” (Michael Anderle)
And so the premise of 20BooksTo50K® was born.

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