Indie Author Magazine Featuring Tameri Etherton


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Indie Author Magazine Featuring Tameri Etherton
Advertising as an Indie Author, Where to Advertise Books, Working with Other Authors, and 20Books Madrid 2022 in Review

In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, learn how to make the most of your advertisements so you can put your books in more readers’ hands, plus the connections you can build with others in the industry that will propel your career to the next level.

Read three key articles

Advertising as an Indie Author: Where to Start

How to Hook Readers with Better Ad Copy

What Writers Can Gain from Clubhouse, the Audio-Only Social Network

You’ll Also Meet Tameri Etherton, the Indie Whose Author Story Includes A Mischievous Dragon and A Move From San Diego Across the Pond to Scotland.


  • Our Sassy, Advice-Giving Aunt, Indie Annie Helps A Fantasy Writer Know When To Start Their Draft
  • 20Books Madrid 2022 in Review
  • Martelle’s Motivation: First Things First
  • Finding Mr. Write: Your Guide to the Perfect Co-Writing Partner
  • Ten Tips: Canva
  • The Art of the Anthology: What You Need to Know Before You Submit
  • Mix Up Your Writing Methods with These Typing Alternatives
  • The Silent Struggle: A Look at the Relationship between Writing and Mental Health
  • From the Mouths of Babes: How to Write Kids Dialogue
  • Author Helper Suite Gives Users A Hand with the Backend of Author Business
  • Breaking Down the Difference Between New Adult and Young Adult Fiction
Indie Author Magazine: Tao Wong (Ebook) - Indie Author Magazine
06 2022 Cover3

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we shine a light on the beta and ARC teams who’ll read your work first, plus all the marketing steps you can take before your story has even hit shelves. ★ 


Author: Chelle Honiker

Name: Indie Author Magazine Featuring Tao Wong

Author: Chelle Honiker

ISBN: 978-1-957118-06-2

Date Published: 2022-06-01


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