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Indie Author Magazine: Featuring Jonathan Yañez

★ Welcome to the 35th issue of Indie Author Magazine, where we illuminate the paths to success for independent authors. This issue is brimming with expert advice, innovative strategies, and the latest trends to empower your writing and publishing journey. ★

Inside, you’ll find:
✓ ALLi Exclusive: Dive deep into the mechanics of a successful book launch, with strategic insights from industry experts.
✓ Unlocking the Power of Podcast Appearances for Authors by Wendy Van Camp
✓ Dear Indie Annie: Tackles the challenge of genre-hopping and how to manage creative urges with strategic career planning.
✓ Unleash Your Creative Juices: The Science Behind Brain.FM for Authors by Chelle Honiker
✓ Revitalizing Your Backlist: Michael La Ronn offers ten essential tips for breathing new life into your previous works.

Special Features:
-Jonathan Yañez shares his bold journey from indie publishing to filmmaking, revealing how embracing the unknown can lead to extraordinary achievements.
-Plus, don’t miss our detailed explorations of Kickstarter’s role in 2024, practical countdown checklists for your next book launch, and the transformative potential of virtual launch parties.

March with us into a world of endless possibilities, where each page turned is a step forward on your indie author journey.

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