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Indie Author Magazine Featuring Mark Dawson


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Indie Author Magazine Featuring Mark Dawson

Goal Setting, 7 Steps to Your Publishing Career, Choosing the Perfect Author Planner, How Spicy Romance Authors Turn Up the Heat 

In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, learn how to plan for success by setting realistic goals for your author business. You’ll learn how to choose an author planner, keep track of writing time, and maximize your business day. 

Read three key articles: 

Making The List: A Multi-Time Bestseller Recounts Her Road To The Top

10 Tips for: Choosing Your Perfect Planner

Seven Steps To Your Perfect Five-Year Publishing Plan

You’ll also get to know author powerhouse Mark Dawson, who went from frustrated traditionally published author to clumsy and unsuccessful self-published author to international success story in just a few short years, and now throws back the curtain on the industry through the Self Publishing Formula courses, podcast, and live events. 


  • Q&A: Indie Author Experts Reflect On Industry Growth And Where We’re Headed In 2023
  • Frankfurt Book Fair Showcases A Bigger World For Indie Authors
  • Martelle’s Motivation: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
  • Ulysses: A ‘Just Write’ App For Authors
  • Watching The Clock: How To Keep Track Of Time In Your Writing
  • How Spicy Romance Authors Turn Up The Heat For Readers
  • Put It All Together Now: Grow Your Audience And Your Publishing Skills By Organizing Anthologies
  • Our Sassy, Advice-Giving Aunt, Indie Annie Helps Lost In Lajas Decide Whether To Wrangle A Fairytale Romance Gone Awry Into Sci-Fi Back To The Original Plan
  • Three Tips For Fitting Your Writing Time Into The Festive Season
  • How the Right Mindset Turns Storytelling into Sanctuary And An Answer To Doomscrolling
Indie Author Magazine: Tao Wong (Ebook) - Indie Author Magazine
06 2022 Cover3

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we shine a light on the beta and ARC teams who’ll read your work first, plus all the marketing steps you can take before your story has even hit shelves. ★ 


Author: Chelle Honiker

Name: Indie Author Magazine Featuring Tao Wong

Author: Chelle Honiker

ISBN: 978-1-957118-06-2

Date Published: 2022-06-01


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