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april 2022 issue

Indie Author Magazine: Featuring Ricardo Fayet


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Writing strong characters, character development, How to Develop a Fictional Character, Plotting a Novel, Publishing Picture Books, Children’s Book Publishing, Plotting Screenplays
Indie Author Magazine Featuring Ricardo Fayet
The ABCs of Publishing Picture Books, Plot points, Plotting Screenplays, and Writing Strong Characters
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we revisit the craft of writing, focusing on plot points and writing strong characters readers love ⸺ or love to hate.★
Read three key articles
✓ Plotting A Book Vs. A Screenplay
✓ Three Essential Arcs For Crafting Strong Characters And Shaping Your Story
✓ The ABCs Of Publishing Picture Books
Meet Ricardo Fayet, The Friendly Founding Face Of Reedsy, the Freelance Directory for Indie Authors, and Author of How to Market a Book.

  • Our Sassy Advice-Giving Aunt, ★ Indie Annie ★ Gives Advice To An Author Who Wonders If She’s Good Enough Or Wasting Her Time
  • 3 Essential Arcs For Crafting Strong Characters And Shaping Your Story
  • 10 Tips For Newsletter Content: How To Keep Readers Engaged
  • Atticus: A Writer’s Goldilocks Solution For Writing, Editing, And Formatting
  • Genre Tropes: Criminal Justice. How To Write Arresting Police Procedurals.
  • All About Romantasy: The Sizzling Marriage Of Romance And Fantasy
  • Writing With Chronic Illness – Tips For Successfully Managing Your Career While Also Managing Your Health Challenges
  • The Power Of Slow: How To Keep Writing From Becoming A Slog
  • Industry Insider: Chrishaun Keller-Hanna On Growth In The Indie Author Industry And What’s Next?

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