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Canva Pro’s Smart Design, BookTok’s Persistent Influence, AI in Social Media Strategy

Dive into the dynamic world of social media strategy with this month’s issue of Indie Author Magazine. In an era where ‘Writing Means Business’, we bring you the latest insights and tools to effectively navigate the digital landscape and connect with your readers.

Immerse yourself in these key articles:

✓ Corner the Market: Paid Promotions by Steve Higgs
✓ 2023 Romance Writers of Australia Conference Embraces Change While Celebrating the Genre by Tanya Nellestein
✓ Dare to Dream: Romance Author Jillian Dodd Writes Her Own Happily Ever After by Jenn Lessmann
✓ Editor’s Letter: The AI Debate Rages On by Nicole Schroeder

In our exclusive feature “”Dare to Dream: Romance Author Jillian Dodd Writes Her Own Happily Ever After”” by Jenn Lessmann, we explore the incredible trajectory of Jillian Dodd in the indie author world. Dive deep into her inspirations, challenges, and successes as she crafts her own unique happily ever afters.

Also in this issue:
– Dear Indie Annie: Struggling with Socials
– Goggles and Gadgets: Analyzing the Elements that Keep Steampunk Stories in Motion by Wendy Van Camp
– Martelle’s Motivation: Beginning by Craig Martelle
– Procrastination or Incubation? How Doing Nothing Might Help You Out of a Creative Slump by Laurel Decher
– Prosperity: Social Media Means More Book Money by Honoree Corder
– Five Years Later, BookTok Still a Boon for Authors’ Sales by Gayle Trent
– Ten Tips: Short-Form Videos by Eryka Parker
– Updated Canva Pro Features Give New Meaning to ‘Smart’ Design by Terry Wells-Brown
– The Socials Experiment: Can Authors Leverage Generative AI for Their Social Media Strategy? by Tanya Nellestein
– Algorithm Hacks for Popular Social Media Sites: How Indie Authors Can Ensure Their Posts Are Seen by David Viergutz

Whether you’re just starting your indie publishing journey or you’re a seasoned author looking to expand your horizons, this issue offers a plethora of knowledge and inspiration. Dive in and fortify your indie author toolkit.

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