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It’s the start of a new year, and to celebrate, we’re pulling together the best organizational and outlining strategies to set you on the path to success in 2023. Whether you’re looking to recharge and reset with resolutions to protect your health or are ready to reach for the stars with your book sales, IAM has the tools you need to prepare for your best year yet.

Read three key articles: 

✓ Five Plotting Methods You Can Use in Your Daily Life

✓ The Daily Habits of Seven-Figure Authors

✓ Prosperity: Outlining Your Future as a Prosperous Writer

You’ll also meet Darcy Pattison, a children’s author and publisher who formed her own publishing house and built her brand with the youngest readers in mind. The award-winning owner of Mims House aims to start conversations in her genre with every book she publishes. “I really try for excellence,” she says.


  • Our Sassy, Advice-Giving Aunt, ★ Indie Annie Encourages an Author Who Worries Their Time to Publish May Have Passed
  • How Your Characters’ Needs Can Make Them More Human
  • The Secret to Unlocking the Action-Adventure Genre
  • Martelle’s Motivation: The Rising Tide
  • A Tale of Three Presses: Lessons in Finding A Path to Your Dream Publishing House
  • What’s Your Author Value Statement? How and Why to Change Your Mindset in 2023
  • An Author’s Starting Place for Speech-to-Text Software
  • Ten Tips: Fiverr
  • New Year’s Resolutions Every Indie Author Can Set for a Healthier 2023
  • An In-Depth Look Back at Everything 20Books Vegas 2022
  • 2023 Author Events to Mark on Your Calendar for the New Year
Indie Author Magazine: Tao Wong (Ebook) - Indie Author Magazine
06 2022 Cover3

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we shine a light on the beta and ARC teams who’ll read your work first, plus all the marketing steps you can take before your story has even hit shelves. ★ 


Author: Chelle Honiker

Name: Indie Author Magazine Featuring Tao Wong

Author: Chelle Honiker

ISBN: 978-1-957118-06-2

Date Published: 2022-06-01


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