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Welcome to the January 2024 issue of Indie Author Magazine, where we embrace the spirit of renewal and discovery in the indie publishing world. This issue is packed with insights, stories, and strategies to help authors navigate the ever-evolving landscape of independent writing and publishing.

Inside, you’ll find:

✓ Editor’s Letter: Endings and Beginnings by Nicole Schroeder: Reflecting on the past and looking ahead to new opportunities in indie publishing.

✓ Martelle’s Motivation: Finding Joy by Craig Martelle: Insights into finding happiness and fulfillment in your writing journey.

✓ ALLi Exclusive: Expert advice on getting your book into readers’ hands.

✓ Dear Indie Annie: Multinational Merchant: Navigating the complexities of selling your books internationally.

✓ Ten Tips: Author Events on Discord by Wendy Van Camp: Leveraging Discord to connect with readers and host engaging events.

Highlighting industry events and trends:

  • The Many Publishing Lives of Skye MacKinnon by Laurel Decher: An inspiring look at Skye MacKinnon’s diverse publishing journey.
  • Buzz from the Beach: A Look Back at the NINC 2023 Conference & From the Stacks by David Viergutz: Key takeaways from NINC 2023 and a curated selection of must-reads.
  • Two Conferences Collide & Author Reflections from the Final 20Books Vegas Conference by David Viergutz: Insights from the transformative 20Books Vegas and its evolution into Author Nation.
  • Author Nation Replacing 20Books Vegas: What to Expect in 2024 by Paul Austin Ardoin: A glimpse into what the future holds for Author Nation.
  • Rounding up the Top Indie Author Events Taking Place in 2024 by Robyn Sarty: A guide to the must-attend indie author events in the coming year.

Practical strategies for indie authors:

  • Four Direct Sales Platforms That’ll Let You ‘Go Your Own Way’ by Jenn Lessmann: Exploring platforms for direct book sales.
  • Exploring the Basics of BookFunnel, the E-Book Distribution Platform by Michael La Ronn: A comprehensive look at using BookFunnel for your e-books.
  • Five Authors, Five Different Publishing Paths: Debunking the Traditional-versus-Indie Debate by Tanya Nellestein: Insights into various publishing models.
  • Exploring the History Behind Three Idioms You May Be Using in Your Writing by Sharon Dooley: Enhancing your writing with idiomatic expressions.
  • Hone Your Home Writing Setup with these Easy Ergonomic Techniques by Wendy Van Camp: Tips for creating a comfortable and efficient writing space.
  • Corner the Market with Steve Higgs: An Author’s ‘Overcoming’ Narrative by Steve Higgs: Crafting narratives that resonate with readers.

Join us as we step into 2024 with a wealth of knowledge, inspiring stories, and practical advice to guide your indie author journey!

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