Indie Author Magazine: Kevin Tumlinson’s Inspirational Journey, Unlocking the Secrets of, and Navigating the World of Subscription Business with Ream


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Welcome to a fresh edition of Indie Author Magazine, where each page offers a blend of expertise, inspiration, and invaluable resources tailored for today’s indie authors.

Don’t miss these standout features:

✓ Kevin Tumlinson Shares His Path up the Mountain of Success: An intimate exploration of Kevin Tumlinson’s journey in the indie world by David Viergutz.

✓ Four Major Marketing Avenues for Authors Publishing with Lulu: Discover the secrets of effectively using with Chelle Honiker.

✓ How Authors Can Use Ream to Build a Subscription Business: Dive deep into the captivating world of Ream with Jenn Lessmann.

Dive further into:

  • Editor’s Letter: Sometimes, It’s Good to Be Invisible – a heartfelt note from Nicole Schroeder.
  • ALLi Exclusive: The Basics of Book Production.
  • Corner the Market: Ingenious strategies for authors on a tight budget by Steve Higgs.
  • Time for Show and Tell: Challenge fiction’s golden rule with Wendy Van Camp.
  • Give Your Brain a Break: Tips to harmonize creativity and well-being by Heather Davis.
  • Dear Indie Annie: A fresh look into the alluring world of serials.
  • Martelle’s Motivation: Embrace the unpredictable indie publishing journey with Craig Martelle.
  • Prosperity: Reflect on the concept of inner beauty with Honoree Corder.
  • Ten Tips: Master the art of social threads with Tanya Nellestein.
  • An Inside Look: Navigate the top formatting software options with Paul Austin Ardoin.

Dive into this edition to fuel your passion, expand your toolkit, and connect with the vibrant indie author community.

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