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In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, find new strategies for reaching the finish line in your first draft. Tackle the question of which writing software works best, learn how you can escape the everyday with writing retreats that focus on your story, and rediscover the joys of creative storytelling and of being your book’s first reader.

Read three key articles: 

✓ The Truth Behind Nonfiction: What It Takes to Write about Real Life

✓ The Expert’s Guide to Hiring a Book Coach

✓ What to Consider When New Book Ideas Threaten Your Work-in-Progress

You’ll also follow Mark Leslie Lefebvre through his many adventures as an author, publisher, bookseller, and public speaker. Learn about the teachers who influenced him early in life, what he sees on the horizon for independent publishing, and his sources of writing inspiration—then and now.  


  • Our Sassy, Advice-Giving Aunt, ★ Indie Annie Shares Her Thoughts with an Author Who Feels Discouraged as a Woman Writing in a Male-Dominated Genre
  • Reignite Your Creative Spirit: Finding the Writing Retreat Right for You
  • Back to Basics: How Writers Can Make the Most of Google Docs and Microsoft Word
  • What You Need to Know about Image Copyright Law as an Indie Author
  • ​​Martelle’s Motivation: Author Outreach
  • Tried-and-True Tips for Making Your Historical Fiction Believable from the Start
  • Five More Simple Stretches You Can Do from Your Desk
  • Ten Tips: Facebook Groups
  • Prosperity: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Write, Write Again!
  • The Truth about Trans Characters: Who Can Write Them, and How to Do it Right
  • Corner the Market: How to Make Millions with Marketing with Steve Higgs
Indie Author Magazine: Tao Wong (Ebook) - Indie Author Magazine
06 2022 Cover3

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we shine a light on the beta and ARC teams who’ll read your work first, plus all the marketing steps you can take before your story has even hit shelves. ★ 


Author: Chelle Honiker

Name: Indie Author Magazine Featuring Tao Wong

Author: Chelle Honiker

ISBN: 978-1-957118-06-2

Date Published: 2022-06-01


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