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Ready to boost your book sales and find your loyal fans? In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, learn to hone your email marketing tactics, pique your subscribers’ interest, and connect with new readers along the way—it all starts with an attention-grabbing newsletter, and it’s easier than you think.

Read three key articles: 

✓ Four Simple Steps for Rolling out the Welcome Mat to Your Mailing List, with Guest Author Tammi Labrecque

✓ A Bolt from the Sendinblue: Unique Features that Set the Email Service Provider Apart

✓ The Art of Story-Selling: Use Your Storytelling Powers to Finesse Your Email Marketing

You’ll also get to know Tammi Labrecque, the master of email marketing who has taught more than twenty thousand authors the secrets to becoming a newsletter ninja. Read about what she’s learned after almost a decade in the indie author world, plus learn top tips for perfecting your newsletter welcome sequence from Tammi herself.


  • Our Sassy, Advice-Giving Aunt, ★ Indie Annie Offers Words of Wisdom to a Social Media Butterfly Who’s Shy about Their Own Work
  • Prosperity: Email Is the New Mailbox Money
  • The Name of the Game: Why Your Characters’ Names Matter, No Matter Your Genre
  • Four Authors Share the Stories of Friendship They’ve Penned through Their Writing Groups
  • The Secret Mindset of a Millionaire Author
  • Buy Back Your Writing Time: When and How to Hire Extra Help for Your Business
  • Managing Your Author Career with Chronic Illness: A Health Coach’s Perspective
  • Romancing Your Readers: It’s Time to Start Sharing About Life Beyond Your Books
  • Why Contemporary Romance Remains the Leading Subgenre
  • Ten Tips: Twitter

Martelle’s Motivation: The Reader Experience

Indie Author Magazine: Tao Wong (Ebook) - Indie Author Magazine
06 2022 Cover3

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we shine a light on the beta and ARC teams who’ll read your work first, plus all the marketing steps you can take before your story has even hit shelves. ★ 


Author: Chelle Honiker

Name: Indie Author Magazine Featuring Tao Wong

Author: Chelle Honiker

ISBN: 978-1-957118-06-2

Date Published: 2022-06-01


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