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Navigate the evolving world of indie authorship in this issue of Indie Author Magazine. In this issue, we delve into the diverse aspects of the indie author journey, providing insights, tools, and stories to inspire and empower writers in their creative and business endeavors.

Immerse yourself in these these key articles:

✓ “ALLi Exclusive: Building a Business Mindset”

✓ “Corner the Market: Boosting Sales with BookBub” by Steve Higgs

✓ “Looking Back at the 2022 Indie Capstone Event in Fairbanks, Alaska” by Elaine Bateman

✓ “Cozy Fantasy’s Otherworldly Settings, Lighthearted Escapism” by Jenn Mitchell

✓ “Martelle’s Motivation: January Slump” by Craig Martelle

✓ “Getting Things Done with the GTD productivity system” by Maureen Bonatch

✓ “Prosperity: Getting Down to Business” by Honoree Corder

✓ “Build Your Perfect AI Assistant with These ChatGPT Plug-Ins for Writers” by David Viergutz

✓ “Ten Tips: Indie Author Tools” by Chelle Honiker

✓ “Guest Author Russell Nohelty Examines the Transmedia Trend in the Indie Author World” 

✓ “The Indie Author’s Guide for Navigating Contracts as a Small Business Owner” by Tanya Nellestein

Highlighted on the cover, Sacha Black’s story in “Rebel with a Cause” is a must-read by David Viergutz for every indie author seeking to forge a path of authenticity and impact. 

Indie Author Magazine’s December issue is a beacon for indie authors, illuminating the path to success with its comprehensive coverage of essential topics. Whether you’re looking to enhance your marketing strategy, explore new genres, or streamline your writing process, this issue offers invaluable insights and tools. Embrace the knowledge and inspiration within these pages to elevate your indie publishing journey. Get your copy now and be empowered to take your career to new heights!

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