Issue #8 – December 2021

Chelle Honiker Let me introduce the non-Texan readers to a new word. WhooBuddy. It’s what we say when we’re trying to describe the indescribable. It’s just days after the 20Booksto50k® conference in Las Vegas, and the post-con letdown is real. In the (almost) post-Covid world it felt surreal to see friends and colleagues from around […]

Fitting Exercise into Pockets of Time Greg Fishbone Typing an action scene might feel like a workout. Drafting a romantic interlude might get your heart pumping. But planting your butt in a chair all day isn’t doing your cardiovascular system any favors. Prolonged periods of inactivity are unhealthy, which is why regular workout sessions are […]

Changing Hats to Match Your Mindset Elaine Bateman What hat do you wear to start your working day? No, I’m not asking about your workwear fashion choices; this is about mindset. It’s about being in the moment and training yourself to focus on the right things at the right time. It’s well documented that the […]

The “What Next” of NaNoWriMo Merri Mayweather December is finally here, and we have crossed the NaNoWriMo finish line. First, and foremost regardless of the final word count, congratulations! This is where we take a self-inventory. How are we feeling? Do we want to celebrate because we’re happy? Or is there a strong urge to […]

Craig Martelle When you don’t feel it. When the world is conspiring against you. Falling asleep sitting up. That’s when your subconscious is at its best. You have the answer to your writing woes if you only listen to what you’re telling yourself. From the dark recesses of your mind. Inspiration. It’ll be gone as […]

Hosted by Becca Syme The Quitcast is a weekly Youtube channel and Podcast created around the content of Becca Syme’s “What to Quit, What to Keep, and What to Question” model of coaching writers. We feature three types of shows: What to Quit, What to Keep, What to Question

Hosted by Savannah Gilbo Join Savannah Gilbo each week for a brand new episode with simple, actionable, and step-by-step strategies that you can implement in your writing right away. Whether you’re a brand new writer, or a seasoned author looking to improve your craft, this podcast is for you!

Hosted by Jeff Elkins Writing great books is critical to generating sales and building a following of readers. On the Dialogue Doctor Podcast, Jeff Elkins and other writers discuss how to write dialogue that will excite readers and help you sell more books.

Forging Your Own Path with Becca Syme Marion Hermannsen Becca Syme is probably best known for her Dear Writer book series.The first volume’s title, Dear Writer, You Need to Quit, is provocative in an environment where indie authors often feel they need to do all the things all the time to stay in the game. […]

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Jack Frost has settled in once again. And just like many uninvited holiday visitors tend to do this time of year, he’s probably going to overstay his welcome. Thankfully, winter weather can be the perfect excuse to put the kettle on, cozy up by the fire, and immerse yourself […]

SMART Goals Aren’t Always The Smartest Before I was a writer, in the days when I earned a living training public and private sector workers how to manage their time, their teams, or themselves more effectively, I would advise everyone I met that the secret to goal setting was to write SMART objectives. If you […]

The Psyche of a Psychological Thriller Angie Martin We’ve all heard of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, and Shutter Island, among others. We open the front cover of those heart-pounding, nail-biting books with trepidation and shaking fingers as tension floods our veins. We know we’ll be up all night because we simply cannot […]

Not everything needs to be measured in terms of money. Jac Harmon When you think about success, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it money, fame, and being able to quit the day job? Or is it something else? Maybe it’s your novel for sale in a bookshop or even the knowledge […]

I’m a dreamer. I have a list a mile-long of books I want to write, places I want to visit, and ideas I want to chase. Sure, some of them are byproducts of Shiny Bright Object Syndrome, but many of them are things I’ve been dreaming about for years. And the list keeps getting longer […]

Using Micro-Goals to Achieve Your Macro Dreams Robyn Sarty We often become overwhelmed when we focus on our big picture goals. But if we only consider what we accomplish each day, we’ll never know if we’re inching closer to our dream. Knowing both your micro- and macro-goals can help you focus and achieve more. Life […]

Asana (, an organizational app, lets you set up projects and tasks, keep track of them, and nail your deadlines. With a free plan and several paid options, you can try it out to see what you think and only pay if you really need the extra users and features. While Asana doesn’t offer as […]

Angela Archer Book reviews are an important part of your marketing strategy in terms of building credibility. The social proof that people are reading and enjoying your book can lead to more sales. And more sales leads to more visibility, which again leads to more sales—and more reviews. Reviews are important for a number of […]

Bre Lockhart Be honest. Did you read the title of this article and think, “No formal structures! Rules are meant to be broken!” Good. Now let’s discuss why even the most anti-structure advocates among us might see some light at the end of this constricting tunnel. But using a formal structure is the death of […]

Chelle Honiker Like many social media accounts, using Pinterest for business remains a mystery for many authors. Likely because they want to know the answer to one simple question: how will it sell more books?  The answer is that while there is no magic formula, there are some basics to master that can lead to […]

A lot of my writing friends talk about all the conferences they go to, whether writing retreats, craft courses, or business-focused conferences. I have to admit, I just don’t see the point. I can write more at home without the distractions, and everything else I can find in books or online. Am I missing something? […]

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