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Remember how you went from grade school to middle school to high school and then to college? How you started a new job, then moved

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Writer Parents: Prepare!

Keep Your Cool During Back-to-School Although few people welcome the end of summer, no one dreads it more than parents—especially parents who are authors. Between

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Because I Write

I’ve been writing full time for nearly eight years and have over seven million words published—a lot more if you include collaborations. This job isn’t

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Keep The Gold

What to Consider When ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ Threatens Your Work-in-Progress Having a surge of creativity can be a great feeling. Everywhere you look, you seem

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Step-by-Step Success

Achieve the Work-Life Balancing Act a Little Bit at a Time Alice Briggs An author’s career is a long game. Life-changing success rarely comes after

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Four Simple Ways to Stress Less

Angela Archer According to Zippia (https://zippia.com), a job recruiting site, 83 percent of US workers experience work-related stress. But what is stress, and what’s the

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