Issue #11 – March 2022

Make no mistake; if you’re an author, you’re an entrepreneur. You’re selling the world on your book, aren’t you? Of course, it’s not as easy as launching a business and then tossing any old book up on Amazon. That’s why Entrepreneur Publishing Academy teaches entrepreneurs to publish books on the specific topic and in the […]

Dear Indie Annie, My family thinks I’m wasting my time writing. They interrupt me frequently and expect me to drop what I’m doing since they don’t think I’m doing anything important. How can I convince them I want this to be a career, not a hobby? Frustrated with Family in Flagstaff Dear Frustrated, Oh my […]

Practice Gratitude  Instead of comparing yourself with others, try comparing yourself with where you were a year ago. Focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go, and you’ll realize how successful you already are. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. We’ve all compared ourselves with others. We look […]

Like Michael Scott from The Office, I’m not superstitious, but I am a little “stitious.” I don’t open umbrellas inside. I throw spilled salt over my left shoulder. I don’t walk under ladders. And I never say, “It’s going to be a calm week.” Because that’s when you know it will most definitely not be […]

Ghostwriters are a key part of the process for many authors. They provide a valuable service to help their clients produce books for various reasons. An older person who has lived an interesting life may hire a ghostwriter to interview them and compile their memoir for their friends and family to enjoy long after they’re […]

Steve Higgs is a man of contradictions—a tough ex-army man who writes about a bad-tempered, crime-solving police dog and a bored housewife-turned-sleuth. He’s also known as the British author who wrote over sixty books in three years. He is funny, a family man, and yet hyper-focused. He puts some of his success down to having […]

As authors, we put our characters through a variety of dangerous situations and often end up with some injured or ill. When we do this in a modern world, that character may encounter Emergency Medical Services (EMS) teams in their community. These highly trained medical professionals are seldom noticed by anyone until they’re needed. Then […]

No doubt you’re reading this, hoping we’ll divulge the ultimate secret to getting accepted for a BookBub Featured Deal. And of course, we’re going to talk about it. But there’s far more to BookBub than just that. 1) Snag a BookBub Featured Deal Well, we have to start with this one. Sadly, we can’t guarantee […]

As writers, we can’t avoid spending time sitting in a chair, and this can lead to both bad posture and pain. This pain is often, although not exclusively, in the back, neck, and shoulders. When it’s time to think about a new work chair, you need to find one that meets all your needs. Budget […]

There’s nothing like a native speaker to help translate a text. But what if there were advanced AI technology that could help bring translated books into the world more quickly and with less of a dent to the author’s budget? Would you be interested in that option? Honestly, who wouldn’t be?  The question: Is translation […]

In 1984, the first Terminator film thrilled audiences, and we were introduced to SKYNET, the network of supercomputers powering the world, described by one character as “hooked into everything, trusted to run it all … a new order of intelligence.” Back then, the concept of email was still somewhat fantastical, and the idea that homes […]

Military SF infuses speculative technologies and interplanetary conflicts into the Military genre. The result is better guns, bigger battles, higher stakes, and a platform for social commentary. Science in Military SF tends toward the more realistic side, applying the same universal laws that govern tossed stones, cannonballs, and BFG projectiles alike. This genre allows authors […]

Considerations for the Translation Question As indie authors expand their businesses, they are pushing the boundaries into new languages. While this is a great path forward, full of exciting possibilities, some issues arise when you don’t speak the language you want your books to be published in. We’re covering finding your translation team and marketing […]

Every author throughout history could likely recall a time they stared hopelessly at a blinking cursor or a pen hovering just above the page. And just as you know the importance of choosing the right words, you probably also know the struggle of finding them. Yet many times, only you, the author, seem to be […]

Introducing your translated book to readers can be an excellent form of virtual travel. Just think of all those new friends you can visit when the world opens back up.  Travelers—especially writers—often collect surprising experiences and specific, colorful, and possibly useless details.  When your book travels, you may learn that Malaysia’s currency is called a […]

Hosted by Orna Ross and Joanna Penn Podcast: first Friday, 1pm London time. (Livestream: first Tuesday, 7pm London time.) Top tips and tools for running a successful author business, plus analysis of the latest self-publishing news and trends. This show is for those who know how to self-publish and want to expand their income and […]

Author Media presents Novel Marketing the longest-running book marketing podcast in the world. This is the show for writers who want to build their platform, sell more books, and change the world with writing worth talking about.  Whether you self publish or are with a traditional house, this podcast will make book promotion fun and […]

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