Issue #1 – May 2021

Many of us write because we love to write; it’s our outlet that keeps us sane. Publishing is a by-product that becomes our businesses to pay for our writing habits. This means we need to make decisions, sometimes difficult ones, on how we proceed with our business. No one wants to burn out. In order […]

“Should you go wide?” is one of the most popular questions in Indie publishing. “Wide” publishing means offering your ebook(s) in as many channels, languages, countries, and formats as you can. The alternative to wide is referred to as “exclusive,” which is signing with Amazon’s KDP Select program, often just called “KU” (referring to Kindle […]

The part of indie publishing that makes my heart sing is not seeing my own words in print (although I like that too) but helping others to realize their publishing dreams. Indie publishing has bypassed the traditional gatekeepers of literary agents and editors, but there are new gatekeepers in their place now. Now, information is […]

The Start of Our Story When Chelle Honiker and Alice Briggs first presented the notion of a magazine dedicated to the independent author community, I sat there like the little emoji with stars for eyes. I was enthralled. A magazine just for authors who treat their writing like a business? Yes please! The first ereaders […]

This all started in a castle in Scotland… There are times in your life when you make a quick decision, and it pays far richer dividends than you could ever imagine. My trip to Scotland became a cascade of adventures and blessings with a fabulous group of people I may have never known but for […]

Magic and Alchemy. As indie authors, our days are filled with the wonder of words and how they weave togetherto tell tales. Sometimes, reality can be a wondrous tale too. Let me tell you mine. In 2017, I attended the Smarter Artist Summit in Austin, Texas. The conference was good, but what was exceptional […]

As writers, there is nothing better than finding ourselves in the creative zone of genius, furiously pumping out words for hours at a time. Before you realize it, you’ve gone a whole day sitting in one spot, realizing only when you stand up that your joints should not sound like popping bubble wrap. It’s possible […]

A mystery is a crime or puzzle that must be solved by the end of the story. It is critical to reader expectation and satisfaction that the culprit is discovered, and justice is seen to be done. The driving force is the main character’s quest to solve the mystery, creating intrigue until the climatic end […]

You’ve decided that violence is the answer! In your story, that is, but now what? What makes a good fight? There are a lot of things to consider for your scene to come across as authentic and credible to your audience. There’s a reason choreographers map out fights to be filmed; to fight is to […]

Imagine you’re on Amazon, scrolling through hundreds of books when you come across this cover. What do you think? It’s arguably different from the other covers on the page. How do you feel about it? What about the story? Is it your thing or perhaps something that you text a friend because it reminds you […]

You’ve decided to write that novel. You opened Word, but now you’re staring at a blank screen and… what? What actually goes into writing a novel? This is when Plottr walks in wearing a poncho, chewing a cigar, and it’s here to be your hero. Plottr is a visual outlining tool for writers, developed by […]

Let’s look at two representative methods for plotters and pantsers: the Snowflake Method and the Skeleton Draft. To lead us into the discussion, we’ll briefly touch on the topic of beat iterations. This is an important concept that will help you to be a better drafter, whether you plan your outline meticulously, or whether you […]

Many authors begin their outlining process by developing entire character profiles as well as the basic idea of what will happen in the book. They feel they at least need to know where they’re  going to take their reader, what the reader is going to expect of the story, and how they plan on meeting […]

If you stand at the front of a conference room full of authors and ask for a show of hands who are “pantsers” and who are “plotters,” you would start a literary battle, possibly literally. Feelings run high in both camps. The question for any indie author is, will one method prove to be more […]

One of the best things about the indie author community is that it is first and foremost a community. It’s unique because in the strictest sense, we aren’t competing with one another. We can collaborate and satisfy the needs of our readers through the power of cooperation. A rising tide truly does raise all boats. Because […]

Gail Carriger writes great heroines. With thirteen New York Times bestsellers, over a million books in print, and her Parasol Protectorate Series optioned for animation, it was a natural fit for Gail to write and independently publish her latest book The Heroine’s Journey for writers, readers, and fans of pop culture. Gail identifies as a […]

Used correctly, Instagram is a powerful tool that can help elevate your career. There are many ways for you to optimise your Instagram as an author. Here, we provide the top ten tips to help you bring your Instagram A-game to the #bookstagram and #authorsofinstagram community. The ultimate tip, however, is also my favorite: don’t […]

Dear Indie Annie,I’ve been working on my story for a while now, and at first I really loved it. Lately though, I’m starting to wonder if it’s any good. I know I’ll need an editor, but should I just give up on it? How do I know if my story is worth finishing?Thanks,Conflicted in Calgary […]

Hosted by Fatima Fayez, Merri Maywether, Paddy Finn Three authors from three different genres come together to share the tools indie authors use in the self-publishing arena.

Hosted by Jami Albright and Sara Rosett Being an indie author is more than knowing the latest marketing trend, it’s about being innovative and creative and learning from your mistakes.

Hosted by Joanna Penn A weekly podcast that includes interviews, inspiration, and information on writing and creativity, publishing options, book marketing, and creative entrepreneurship.

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