OP-ED: Why a Magazine?

One of the best things about the indie author community is that it is first and foremost a community. It’s unique because in the strictest sense, we aren’t competing with one another. We can collaborate and satisfy the needs of our readers through the power of cooperation.

White Yachts Are Moored At City Pier, Jetty, Port In Marseille,

 A rising tide truly does raise all boats.

Because we’re wired to tell stories about flawed characters and redemption, we understand empathy and that makes us one of the most diverse and inclusive communities many of us have been a part of. We’re constantly helping one another, sharing resources, tips, tools, and ideas to try.

On social media and at conferences, it never seems no matter who is sitting beside you or what they write, there is an instant connection because you’re both writers. The differences make us unique, but they do not divide because we have such a strong common activity. Conversation and celebrations can, and do, last for years.

Online groups are useful, and allow for quick responses to issues or questions, but then posts get buried. Conferences are fabulous for more in-depth discussions and learning, but most are only once per year, and can be expensive to get to.

We love both of these opportunities, but we wanted more.

Thus, the idea for Indie Author Magazine began. We searched, but didn’t find any that were offered in multiple formats and that focused on the unique challenges that indie authors face at whatever stage of their career. We found conflicting and biased information, and it was hard to sift through what worked and what was hype, or presented with the intent to sell a product, service, or course.

We wanted unbiased, well-researched information, with context and sources we could trust.

In this gap, we believe we can be a bridge between the immediacy of online groups and the depth of conferences, and be an additional source of community building for all of us in this space.

Our goal is for IAM to be the source for solid information you can trust. We’ll do that by covering topics common to indie authors, often presenting multiple viewpoints, but with context. We’ll refrain from being prescriptive. We’ll celebrate successes and support you in times of pivoting when plans go awry.

Everyone at IAM is a working indie author. We come from different countries. Different genres. Different stages of our career. But what binds us together is that we’re a community. And so, IAM isn’t really something foreign and untested. It’s simply an extension of an existing community, and you’re very welcome here.

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