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The Start of Our Story

When Chelle Honiker and Alice Briggs first presented the notion of a magazine dedicated to the independent author community, I sat there like the little emoji with stars for eyes. I was enthralled. A magazine just for authors who treat their writing like a business? Yes please!

The first ereaders were launched in 1998, and the ability to self-publish followed soon after. The indie author community has grown exponentially since that time. And the one thing that continues to distinguish us from other industries is just that—we’re a community. One that strives to support and help each other at every step of the way.

Here at Indie Author Magazine, we believe that we’re just another extension of that community, and our goal is to serve our fellow authors.

This is our first issue, the start of our story, and our focus this month is outlining. Many stories start with an outline and grow from there. So too is our hope that this magazine will grow and develop. And with you as part of our community, I believe it will.

Robyn Sarty
Managing Editor, Indie Author Magazine

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