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Meet the Man Behind 20BooksTo50K® and the World’s Biggest Indie Author Conference  To an online author group of over 50,000 people, a wise man once said, “The most important gift you can give somebody is your time because you don’t get it back when it’s gone.” And while that statement isn’t novel, it seems apropos, […]

Kate Pickford is a name whispered in groups of authors the world over. She has written and directed award-winning movies, and found success as a script doctor, a book coach, a developmental editor, and a ghostwriter, as well as an author. If you’ve had a conversation with her at a 20Booksto50K® event in Bali, or […]

Andrew Dobell is a highly regarded British designer whose bright and colorful covers are easily recognizable. He’s also an author who straddles several genres, which makes him the perfect person to ask questions about how his writing influences his cover designs and vice versa.  From the Art Andrew started out as an illustrator, finding freelance […]

How Hard-won Words Launched Her Career, and What She’s Learned Since We’ve all heard the expression “blood, sweat, and tears.” I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into this project. This month we will meet an author who did exactly that. Let me introduce Jami Albright. Every week, authors around the world can catch an […]

Gail Carriger writes great heroines. With thirteen New York Times bestsellers, over a million books in print, and her Parasol Protectorate Series optioned for animation, it was a natural fit for Gail to write and independently publish her latest book The Heroine’s Journey for writers, readers, and fans of pop culture. Gail identifies as a […]

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