Eryka Parker Book formatting lays the cornerstone for captivating your readers from the very first glance. Beyond aesthetics, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the reader experience and establishing the credibility of your work. Meticulousness and attention to detail are necessary during the writing, marketing, and production stages, especially considering the wide variety of […]

Best Practices for Writing and Formatting Dialogue Jackie Dana Ah, the humble dialogue tag. They are some of the most powerful tools in your author toolbox, helping your reader visualize a scene and who’s speaking, and often conveying subtle action. But despite their value in a story, they’re best when they’re not even noticed. Many […]

Gill Fernley When it comes to the back cover blurb, many authors think they have to summarize their entire ninety-thousand-word novel in just a few lines. But a successful blurb is not meant to be a summary of your novel. It’s a sales pitch to nudge people into buying it. It’s time to shift how […]

 A Guide to Cover Revitalization Eryka Parker The terms of independent publishing are ever-evolving as authors constantly seek ways to expand their readership. To secure shelf space among competitive titles in the marketplace, authors can benefit from exploring ways to rejuvenate their backlist catalog in order to boost sales.  Although we’re cautioned against judging a […]

Traditional Publishers Edit According to American English. Should Indies Do the Same? Hey. Howdy. Hello. Yo. Greetings. G’day. These word choices for greeting someone tell a lot. They can reflect class, culture, age, and even nationality. But word choices can also reflect a writer’s country and its English usage, and differences go far beyond a […]

Breaking Down the Complicated Lingo of Image Licensing Note: The information provided here is not legal advice and should not be taken as such. It is meant for general education purposes only. Furthermore, these definitions are always subject to change; be sure to do your research and consult legal professionals if you have specific questions. […]

Writing Retreats Become ‘Joyful Respites’ for Attendees. Here’s How to Find Your Own. As winter fades and the new year blooms, we’re presented with the perfect time to refresh our writing lives. One of the most invigorating ways to achieve that is to attend a writing retreat. Whether you’re intending to make a breakthrough on […]

Although we spend a lot of time talking about fiction—writing to market, craft books, whether you should plot or pants your novel, and more—there is a whole different genre of writing to be considered that can be just as profitable: nonfiction. Like fiction, nonfiction contains many genres that encompass a variety of topics and writing […]

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back. This simple formula for writing a romance is timeless, but Contemporary Romance puts a modern spin on these stories that makes them relevant for today’s readers. Contemporary Romance reflects the issues, themes, problems, values, relationships, and lifestyle choices readers deal with in their own lives […]

Megan Linski-Fox As an individual with a rare chronic disease, I’ve centered my career in writing stories about disabled characters. Disabled people are everywhere, and they deserve to have their stories told—and not just those about their conditions.  It’s not enough to make a story inclusive. Stories featuring disabled characters need to be just as […]

Writing about topics that do not belong to your culture can be tricky. In today’s society, writers venturing into those areas are sometimes worried about being accused of cultural appropriation or the use of topics from other cultures for gain or profit or in a way that reinforces stereotypes. Even more so, we’re taught as […]

In his essay titled “The Narrative Idea,” David Halberstam has a simple piece of advice for writers who want to succeed at their craft: “The idea is vital.” His words, published in 2007 in the book Telling True Stories, were directed toward narrative journalists, but they apply to some extent across every genre, whether fiction […]

Adding Tension to Your Stories Kasia Lasinska Tension is not just reserved for Thrillers—it spans across all genres. In Romance, there’s sexual tension (just kiss already!); in Dystopia, there’s the ever-present threat that one wrong move could draw the attention of the government; in Horror, we have things that go bump in the night (which […]

Bre Lockhart Be honest. Did you read the title of this article and think, “No formal structures! Rules are meant to be broken!” Good. Now let’s discuss why even the most anti-structure advocates among us might see some light at the end of this constricting tunnel. But using a formal structure is the death of […]

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Jack Frost has settled in once again. And just like many uninvited holiday visitors tend to do this time of year, he’s probably going to overstay his welcome. Thankfully, winter weather can be the perfect excuse to put the kettle on, cozy up by the fire, and immerse yourself […]

Writing for Middle Grade Middle Grade, an age-based story category, exists across multiple genres. Whether fiction or nonfiction, fantastic or realistic, historical or contemporary, these stories are generally written with ages 8-12 in mind, although they may also appeal to teens and adults who enjoy short, uncluttered, fast-paced stories focused on young protagonists. This category […]

With the resurgence of horror as a popular genre in the last several years, the world is seeing a plethora of writers try their hand at it. Whether you’re conjuring up a spine-tingling screenplay or aiming to be the next Stephen King, there are things to consider within your horror subgenre, especially as it relates […]

What Is National Novel Writing Month and Why You Should Participate Warning: This story starts and ends with a challenge. Choices have to be made. Read and walk away with insight. Read and walk away with the seed of an idea that will flex creativity, demand tenacity, and forever change the writer/story relationship. That, dear […]

If you’ve perused author-centric Facebook groups and some articles here at Indie Author Magazine over the last sixty days, you’ve likely seen chatter about the unveiling of Amazon’s new serialized fiction platform, Kindle Vella.  But serial fiction isn’t new. Writers have been peddling their wares on platforms like Wattpad, Radish Fiction, and Royal Road for […]

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