How Color Mapping and Psychology Can Help Your Cover Stand Out In the May issue, we talked about how authors generate trust by having their covers reflect the story within. We pulled several bold and rather red action adventure covers together to compare and contrast the elements to illustrate how the bold designs, font, and […]

Prioritize Your Strategies for a Healthier, Happier Author Life Ah, the Fear of Missing Out (a.k.a. FOMO). That nagging panic that tricks us into thinking if we don’t try the newest, flashiest marketing strategy populating our news feeds, our author business will wither. It is distracting at best. At worst, it can plunge the unsuspecting […]

A logo is an asset that every author should consider having in their marketing repertoire. Your logo will be one of the key indicators of your brand. It will be one of the first things readers see when visiting your website or your social media profiles. When deciding on your logo, ask yourself whether it […]

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