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Are you making the most of your book reviews?

Angela Archer Book reviews are an important part of your marketing strategy in terms of building credibility. The social proof that people are reading and enjoying your book can lead to more sales. And more sales leads to more visibility, which again leads to more sales—and more reviews. Reviews are

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The Biggest Snowy Snafus You Might Be Making In Your Novel

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Jack Frost has settled in once again. And just like many uninvited holiday visitors tend to do this time of year, he’s probably going to overstay his welcome. Thankfully, winter weather can be the perfect excuse to put the kettle on, cozy up by

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2021 goal plan action

Why You Should Be Approaching Your Goals The Wrong Way

SMART Goals Aren’t Always The Smartest Before I was a writer, in the days when I earned a living training public and private sector workers how to manage their time, their teams, or themselves more effectively, I would advise everyone I met that the secret to goal setting was to

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Does Amazon A+ Content Make The Grade?

Breaking Down The Newest Marketing Feature in Kindle Direct Publishing  Standing out in a crowd is rarely fun—unless you’re trying to sell books, that is. But it’s not always easy. After all, eBook sales are an ever-growing force to be reckoned with, up more than sixteen percent in 2020, according

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Don’t look back

From The Publisher: Graciously Critical

How To Look Back To Move Ahead When I was sixteen years old and had recently experienced my first real romantic heartbreak, my stepmother gave me a greeting card from illustrator Mary Englebreit which read, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” That beloved card found a home everywhere

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The Foolproof Plan For Making Your Full-Time Author Leap

Indie Author Magazine introduces a new section this month with the addition of INSIDER INSIGHTS. We welcome Joe Solari, noted business expert as our inaugural contributor. Submissions are open on our website at https://indieauthormagazine.com/insiders If you’re an author who has published enough books to know that you have a readership

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Light Up Your Writing Brain With These Healthy Snacks

How to Eat Your Way to Creativity What’s the best fuel for a writer? For the 2021 Summer Olympics in Japan, 59-year-old Yoko Nishimura created a healthy salad to keep athletes in top form and combat the heat. She boiled edamame beans, added protein-rich noodles, fresh fruit, herbs, and vegetables.

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Craig Martelle on Shaping an Indie Publishing Legacy

Meet the Man Behind 20BooksTo50K® and the World’s Biggest Indie Author Conference  To an online author group of over 50,000 people, a wise man once said, “The most important gift you can give somebody is your time because you don’t get it back when it’s gone.” And while that statement

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Publishing Wide: The Direct vs. Distributor Debate

In “Wide vs. Exclusive: Which is for You?” (IAM May 2021), we covered the pros and cons of publishing e-books as widely as possible. The alternative is publishing through programs requiring exclusivity, like Amazon’s KDP Select program. When authors decide to publish their e-books wide, the next question is: “go

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Naming The Beast: How to Recognize Imposter Syndrome

Recognizing Imposter Syndrome This is part one of a three part Mindset mini-series focusing on imposter syndrome. You may or may not have heard of it, you may or may not have experienced it, but it’s said to affect seven out of ten people.  Defining It’s a term first coined

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Meetup and Conference

Networking Tips to Conquer Your Next Author Conference

How to successfully network at author conferences Before the Conference Maximize your conference experience by planning ahead. A few simple steps can elevate your experience and ensure you get the most out of attending. Ideally, you want to stay in the same hotel as the conference is being held. You

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Ten Tips: Bookfunnel

BookFunnel specializes in e-book and audio distribution. Authors can send e-books directly to readers’ preferred reading devices, collect email addresses, participate in group promotions, and more. BookFunnel has created tools that save authors time, facilitate reader engagement, and it prides itself on its customer support. 1. Delivering Your Reader Magnet

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Five Simple Stretches You Can Do From Your Desk

Being an independent writer can mean a lot of hours behind a desk. It also means we can take on a lot of stress while we push for deadlines, learn marketing strategies, and plan our world domination. Exercise can be hard to stick to when we’re tied to our chairs.

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Old Project, New Perspective: It’s Time for a Mindset Reset

Resetting and restarting By the time you reach the editing stage, you’ve been working on your project for a long time. Your creative brain might be tired. Maybe you have doubts, distractions, overwhelm, or you can’t see your way forward. Give yourself a fresh start with this M.I.N.D.S.E.T. check-up: Motivation—In

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Four Types of Edits Every Author Should Know

An Editor’s Guide to the Proces Note: All editors are different. Just because one editor may follow process A, does not mean that a second editor following process B is wrong. This breakdown is intended to provide general information to get you started, but your mileage may vary.  Types of

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young black woman doing diy at home

The Indie Author’s Guide to DIY Editing

When and Where to Spend Your Limited Resources What if we told you that your book doesn’t need to be perfect to be published? Following the Michael Anderle school of thought, the goal is to hit a MVP—minimum viable product—with our books. We want to write to genre expectations; it’s

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Serial Authors Share the Key to Mastering the Craft

If you’ve perused author-centric Facebook groups and some articles here at Indie Author Magazine over the last sixty days, you’ve likely seen chatter about the unveiling of Amazon’s new serialized fiction platform, Kindle Vella.  But serial fiction isn’t new. Writers have been peddling their wares on platforms like Wattpad, Radish

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Ten Tips: TikTok

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create short videos (fifteen or sixty seconds, with three-minute videos being beta tested). You can also add filters, background music, stickers, and captions to videos, and create split-screen videos with other creators. What’s in a name? A username is the

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Authors and Their Alter Egos: Navigating the World of Pen Names

Is It Time to Embrace Your Inner Superhero? Secret identities aren’t reserved for superheroes. There are no masks, no capes, no utility belts; and despite the lack of a fabulous wardrobe, an author may still require an alter-ego for success. These noms de plume, commonly known as pen names, can,

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Make “FOMO” No More with This Marketing Strategy Tip

Prioritize Your Strategies for a Healthier, Happier Author Life Ah, the Fear of Missing Out (a.k.a. FOMO). That nagging panic that tricks us into thinking if we don’t try the newest, flashiest marketing strategy populating our news feeds, our author business will wither. It is distracting at best. At worst,

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