Issue #18 – October 2022

In the September 2022 issue, I wrote an article about transmedia and how indie authors have the opportunity to capitalize on its facets. Transmedia, at its core, focuses on ways to deepen the relationship you have with your current readers and form new ones. As Jim Wilbourne explains, “Transmedia is taking a core story or […]

I’ve never considered myself particularly technology capable.  Sure, having grown up awash in new devices and an expanding internet, I’m probably more adept than I give myself credit for. But you can also guarantee I’ll need to ask for help from my more computer-savvy friends to set up a website. Over the years, Scrivener and […]

Achieve the Work-Life Balancing Act a Little Bit at a Time Alice Briggs An author’s career is a long game. Life-changing success rarely comes after writing one or two books. Whether you’re publishing a book every month or every year, keeping to your schedule is the best way to meet your goals. But are you […]

Angie Martin When dealing with mental illness, it’s often hard to power through the low points, let alone write your next book. But there are several things you can focus on during these times, as well as every day, to bring normalcy to your life as much as possible. The National Institute on Mental Health […]

Add Flavor to Your Fiction with These Techniques for Writing about Food Jenn Mitchell Adam and Eve had their fateful apple. Tales of the Old West had chuck wagons. The Jetsons had food pellets. No matter what genre you’re writing in, if your story contains living beings and plays out over more than a day […]

Angie Martin As a gorgeous art form that has survived the centuries and that readers around the globe admire and revere, poetry can be more like music than a storytelling genre, with stanzas and word choice providing a unique cadence to access the poet’s soul. These rhythmic works come in a myriad of styles, length, […]

Consider How You’re Spending Your Most Valuable Currency Craig Martelle Time is the currency of our lives.  We invest it from the moment we’re born until our final day. Every moment is given to something that makes us who we are. Your time is the most valuable gift you can give to someone.  Invest in […] financial journalist Farnoosh Torabi interviews financial leaders, authors, and influencers “about their financial perspectives, money failures, and habits” on So Money on CNET. The show updates every two days, and on Fridays, Torabi answers money questions from listeners.

Is self-publishing a side hustle for you? Join Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation for high-value content to help you make extra money. The weekly show is a top-rated podcast with more than 500 episodes, featuring actionable tips and business strategies from successful entrepreneurs.

Pat Flynn, creator of the Smart Passive Income blog, reveals “his online business and blogging strategies, income sources, and killer marketing tips and tricks” on this podcast. Join entrepreneur and author Flynn weekly for a combo of interviews, co-hosts, and solo shows.

Just one facet of being a published indie author is universal, and that is technology.  You are free to choose the genre, the tropes, and the story arc of every work you produce. You’re able to choose how words appear on the page—whether that means filling notebooks with prose, speaking the story aloud into a […]

What You Need to Know about Starting Your Own Company Joe Solari I recently was working with an author on a project to refresh her brand and organize her business. In addition to a fresh start, she wanted to separate her business from her personal assets for the rebranding. Sure, she could have done all […]

When the Royalties Roll in, Here’s How Indie Authors Can Budget for the Future Nicole Schroeder June 2022 was a record-setting month for the United States economy—and not in the way anyone was hoping. A combination of factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and continuing supply-chain shortages, drove the country’s inflation rate […]

Lasairiona McMaster Indie authors face numerous challenges: the ever-changing landscape of social media platforms, suppressed visibility, the constant battle to get your books in front of readers’ faces, marketing woes, and more. How can you tell whether you’re making any progress in your career? When it comes to the business side of publishing, hitting monetary […]

Indie authors often consider the valid option of going wide and publishing on other platforms beyond Amazon. But with it comes a lot of work adapting your book formatting and spending time uploading to multiple platforms. At least, it used to. Draft2Digital is a self-publishing aggregator, allowing authors to publish a book automatically on multiple […]

Megan Linski-Fox As an individual with a rare chronic disease, I’ve centered my career in writing stories about disabled characters. Disabled people are everywhere, and they deserve to have their stories told—and not just those about their conditions.  It’s not enough to make a story inclusive. Stories featuring disabled characters need to be just as […]

Ahead of 20Books Vegas, the annual four-day indie author conference hosted by 20BooksTo50K® creator Craig Martelle, a renewed era of travel has arrived—and it’s safe to say it’s more inconvenient than ever. In 2022, long lines, delays, and short staffing have all contributed to higher levels of stress and frustration as travelers return to in-person […]

I’m constantly juggling the writing deadlines I set for myself with the deadlines I need to meet for other people. When others are relying on me to get their work done, my projects always seem to take the back burner. How do I learn to treat my writing with the same importance as the work […]

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