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Time Is Money

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Consider How You’re Spending Your Most Valuable Currency

Craig Martelle

Time is the currency of our lives. 

We invest it from the moment we’re born until our final day. Every moment is given to something that makes us who we are. Your time is the most valuable gift you can give to someone. 

Invest in your mind and your soul as they are the foundation of you. Invest in your health. Invest in your family. And finally, invest today’s time in your future. 

Writing, playing, relaxing, working, and yes, sleeping. As much as I use Facebook, it’s not quality time unless I look at it as sifting a stream, panning for gold. There is plenty to be had, as long as I don’t waste time with iron pyrite—fool’s gold. 

Streamlining your processes and becoming efficient with your words are ways to get more from the investment of your time writing a book. 

You pay with your time as that becomes money, and money buys the things you don’t have time to learn or can’t produce for yourself. I buy covers because learning to make them is not something I am equipped for. I don’t have time to learn a new trade. I’ll invest mine in what I’m good at—writing a story.

And time to give back. Charity is good for my soul, so I give most of mine to charity—time and the money that time has earned for me. I’ve invested in the future of my family. 

Time. The great equalizer. We only have so much of it. Are you using yours to invest wisely in your health and in your future?

The day job is soul-sucking. You write to find a way out of the morass. You’re burning the candle at both ends. And then you’re free! Do you keep writing? Many struggle with their newfound gift of more time. Stay true to you. Stay true to the path you’ve laid out with your time investment. You’ll invest more, so much more, but will you do it wisely once you have a lot of it?

It’s like winning the lottery. Most winners are bankrupt in five years. Such a thing should be inconceivable. But it’s not. We don’t know what to do with what we don’t have, even after we have it.

Time is the currency of your future, spent today.

Craig Martelle

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