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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
10am CST


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what if you could cut your Author admin time by 80%?

If you’re like most indie authors, you’re completely overwhelmed by what the experts tell you to do to stay in touch with your readers:

  • Write a blog post each week
  • Send a cute newsletter every week
  • Update your Amazon Author page
  • Update your Goodreads Profile with a Status Update
  • Update Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest 3-4 times per week
If you try to do it yourself, it cuts into the time you need for more words. Hiring an assistant can be out of your budget when you’re just starting out. And worse, using someone that doesn’t understand your readers can damage your reputation (and lose sales) if they set you up with an impersonal cookie-cutter solution. 

So, what’s an indie author to do?


Blog Once, Update Everywhere

In this free 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to properly setup your WordPress Blog with advanced features so it does the heavy lifting. 

At the end of this webinar, you’ll know the secret of writing one blog post and sending your newsletter, updating your Amazon Author Profile, posting a Goodreads status update and posting to your social media platforms automatically over the course of an entire year!

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Setting up your WordPress site the right way unlocks the keys to pushing the information to the right channels - watch step-by-step how to do it and how to setup different information for different channels!


Once you've setup your WordPress Blog, learn how to set up your Amazon Author Page and Goodreads Profile to receive the updates (Note: they can be different!)
PLUS: See how to set up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram automatically.


Set your newsletter up to send automatically whenever you post a blog update! Watch a live newsletter setup in Mailerlite and Sendfox and see the gorgeous results.

Meet the Speaker

Hi, I’m Chelle Honiker. I’m the publisher of Indie Author Magazine and an old-school technology nerd. Before becoming an indie author, my job was to teach and lead technology and training teams, building websites, apps, and solutions for companies like AAA Travel, Belmond (Formerly Orient Express), The Travel Institute, Virtuoso, ASTA, MAST, and others. 

Chelle Honiker, Publisher

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