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July 2021 - All About Covers

Meet Andrew Dobell

Andrew Dobell – Best of Both Worlds

Andrew Dobell is a highly regarded British designer whose bright and colorful covers are easily recognizable. He’s also an author who straddles several genres, which makes him the perfect person

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Dear Indie Annie

Floundering in Fairbanks Writes…

Dear Indie Annie,  I’ve finished my first book and sent it off to my editor. While he’s ripping it apart, I’ve started looking into all the things I need to do to self-publish my book—and it’s… a lot. I’m so confused by what I need to do first. And I often find conflicting information. How do I not get overwhelmed …

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

How Sleeping Aids Creativity.  Are you struggling to find a killer hook? Or is that tricky scene between your protagonist and antagonist keeping you awake at night? It turns out

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What’s Your Type?

How to Use the Magic Melding of Letters and Art to Sell More Books Typography is more than letters spelling out your title. It’s the music to your lyrics. The

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Cover Design Tool Roundup

#3 July – Cover Design If you see a font you want to identify, check out Font Squirrel Matcherator.  Just upload an image with type and this tool will show

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Letting Your Cover Do the Talking

How Color Mapping and Psychology Can Help Your Cover Stand Out In the May issue, we talked about how authors generate trust by having their covers reflect the story within.

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Podcasts we love and have found useful for indie authors. AskALLi Self-Publishing Advice Hosted by Orna Ross and other members of the ALLi team.  The Alliance of Independent Authors’ Self-publishing

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Embracing Your Inner Superhero

Navigating The Intricacies and Benefits of Pen Names  Secret identities aren’t reserved for superheroes. There are no masks, no capes, no utility belts; and despite the lack of a fabulous

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Cover Design Books We Love

Book Cover Design Formula By Anita Nipane Book 4 of the author’s series focuses on the basics of what readers expect when looking at a book cover, and how authors

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Ten Tips for TikTok

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create short videos (fifteen or sixty seconds, with three-minute videos being beta tested). You can also add filters, background music,

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