Editor’s Letter: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

As indie authors, we are constantly introducing ourselves: to other writers, to editors, to cover designers, and especially—ideally—to new readers. For a profession that can sometimes feel a bit lonely, we’re rarely going it alone, which makes our first impressions important … and all the more daunting. 

Speaking of introductions, some of you might recognize my byline from previous issues of this magazine, but for many of you, this is your first opportunity to put a name to my words. I’ve been part of Indie Author Magazine for over a year now and an editor since December 2021, and I’m thrilled now to be assuming the role of editor in chief. 

I’m still an aspiring indie; I’ve always had plenty of works in progress, but I’ve yet to cross the finish line that would put them in the hands of readers. Yet from IAM’s inception, there’s been something special about the stories and advice shared in these pages. Even before I’ve fully entered the writing world, they’ve inspired me in my author journey, letting me daydream about reaching bestseller status or giving me ideas for my bare-bones marketing plan. I’m consistently proud of the content our writers produce, and I can’t wait to share what else they have in store for you down the road.

In a way, it feels fitting to introduce, or re-introduce, myself to you in this issue. Our stories this month are all about creating connections that last. Whether you’re trying to craft an eye-catching advertisement—the quintessential introduction to potential new readers—or sparking up Clubhouse conversations and work relationships with other authors, I hope they’ll make those first encounters a little more enjoyable. 

From there, the story is just beginning.

Nicole Schroeder

Editor in Chief

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