Issue #28-August 2023

Traditional Publishers Edit According to American English. Should Indies Do the Same? Hey. Howdy. Hello. Yo. Greetings. G’day. These word choices for greeting someone tell a lot. They can reflect class, culture, age, and even nationality. But word choices can also reflect a writer’s country and its English usage, and differences go far beyond a […]

Professional Editors Underline the Vital Art of Line Editing Ernest Hemingway famously said “write drunk, edit sober.” But what if you were still a little hungover when you learned about each of the different styles of editing?  Each type of revision may play a unique, but no less important, role in the editing process, but […]

Keep Your Cool During Back-to-School Although few people welcome the end of summer, no one dreads it more than parents—especially parents who are authors. Between too many trips for new clothes, school supplies, and haircuts; signing up for extracurriculars; and attending orientation events, parents are often left physically exhausted and mentally depleted. And every summer, […]

Ah, editing. The stage of the publishing process every author always seems eager to reach … until they reach it.  Don’t feel bad. Editors get it. We know you’ve probably frowned at your screen in confusion at some of our questions (“How do you want me to style your ellipses?”), or you’ve grumbled not-so-nice words […]

Many writers in the indie community know the AI generative writing app Sudowrite ( for its ability to serve as an always-there assistant in the writing process. The program runs on a subscription model based on the number of generated words per month and markets itself as “the … AI writing partner you always wanted,” […]

Amazon Attribution Links Remove the Guesswork from Your Ad Campaign One ads strategy I typically recommend involves running multiple ads to determine which will resonate with the audience. I spend some money and sell some books, but if I have five ads for the same book, how do I know which one is making the […]

Sol Stein once said, “The function of suspense is to put the reader in danger of an overfull bladder.”  When suspense is properly implemented in a story, the reader is taken by the hand and led to great peaks and thrown off mercilessly, only to have them scurry up the next hill for you to […]

Theodora Taylor’s Recipe for Writing Marketable Books Without Writing to Market Ingredients Theodora Taylor knows what her readers are hungry for. The Amazon Top 10 bestselling author has a seemingly never-ending backlist of interracial romances, with stories that explore a range of cross-genres and subgenres, from Fantasy to Billionaire Romance.  She describes her fiction as […]

Dear Indie Annie, I like working with my usual editor, and I know she’ll clean up my draft without messing up my writing style. But this draft took way longer than I intended. Now she’s booked, and I have to find someone else to take on my current WIP! How can I find an editor […]

I’ve been writing full time for nearly eight years and have over seven million words published—a lot more if you include collaborations. This job isn’t for those who aren’t committed to themselves. You wake up. You get your coffee or tea or Diet Coke, and you think of the words waiting to be written while […]

Want to ensure you make a fantastic living as a writer? Then do what the pros do and turn to editors. Why? Because crisp, clear writing creates a clean, smooth read your readers will love. And what happens when someone loves your writing?  They share it with others. It might seem counterintuitive to devote time, […]

The Style-Checking Software Built for Editors Can Assist Authors Too In recent years, editing and proofreading software has evolved far past spelling and grammar checks. With new tools emerging and older tools continually upgrading their abilities, simply correcting misspelled words is no longer enough for an app or tool to keep up with the competition. […]

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