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Dancing in the Sunshine

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Boosting Creativity with Vitamin D

Vitamin D contains a little bit of magic. It plays a key role in overall health, improved sleep, emotional regulation, and cognitive function. Sunlight is the best way that we can gain vitamin D. It’s readily accessible to everyone, and has the added benefit of getting you out into the fresh air. It’s no wonder Disney used it as the basis for Rapunzel’s power in Tangled. 

Assembling the Chorus Line

Our bodies need vitamin D to support our immune system, bones, nervous system, lungs, and cardiovascular health. Sunlight increases the body’s production of endorphins and helps to modulate serotonin, both of which are important to mood regulation. It also aids in regulating our circadian rhythms.

More importantly for writers and other creatives, exposure to sunlight has been linked to higher noradrenaline excretion, which increases alertness, vigilance, memory, and focus. 

Finding Your Dancing Shoes 

While many of the benefits of daylight can still be gained when it’s cloudy, it can be harder to get as much sun as we’d like during the fall and winter. Multiple studies have found a link between decreased exposure to sunlight and increased symptoms of depression, often seen in forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you’re finding you’re struggling to get sufficient vitamin D, there are supplements available, and there is increased evidence that sun lamps can fill in when our star is on holiday on the opposite side of the planet. 

Choreographing Your Dance

Having trouble focusing during a writing sprint or remembering the name of your character’s best friend? Maybe it’s time for a walk. Better yet, schedule time out in the sunlight each day. Even two to five minutes outside in the mornings can help with all of these facets. You know, just long enough to dance to George Canyon’s “Sunshine,” and become an “absolute dedicated follower of sunshine.”

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