Honorée Corder Following this month’s theme on formats, I thought I’d share the change of heart—and mind—I had about the formats in which I opt to publish my books. When I first started publishing, e-books were the hot new thing. It was an option Amazon offered—“Would you like us to publish the e-book to accompany […]

Honorée Corder If you’ve been reading this column for a while and focusing on shifting your money mindset, you might have experienced a shift in your productivity too.  Perhaps you are now thinking, “How can I take it to the next level?” More specifically, “How can I get into some serious writing abundance?” As an […]

Honorée Corder These days, everywhere you look, you’ll hear book recommendations, podcast conversations, and articles like this one suggesting that working on your money mindset is the way to go. And of course, I agree wholeheartedly. What you focus on expands. This includes your money mindset, which directly impacts your income—and yes, that includes your […]

If you’re like me, by February, the newness of the year has worn off and with it a smidge of your enthusiasm. It’s not that I’m not still excited about the goals I set back in December or the action items I devised in order to achieve them. It’s simply that we’ve now entered what […]

This month’s topic might be my favorite of the entire year: the business of writing. Why? Because I’ve long said, as writers, we must treat what we do as a business. That doesn’t just mean building a writing routine or dedicating time to marketing your work in between releases. Those are great things to do, […]

When it comes to the formatting and design of your books, there doesn’t seem to be a clear path to ensuring readers’ expectations are met. It makes sense that readers would want an easy, bump-free read. Yet without a clear guide, it’s easy to miss little details that make a big difference. If your readers […]

Raise your hand—heck, raise both of them—if you’d rather do almost anything else than hang out on social media. Keep them in the air if, when you go to make good use of the platforms we love to hate, you end up spending way too much time yet not doing much of anything productive. Yup. […]

Want to ensure you make a fantastic living as a writer? Then do what the pros do and turn to editors. Why? Because crisp, clear writing creates a clean, smooth read your readers will love. And what happens when someone loves your writing?  They share it with others. It might seem counterintuitive to devote time, […]

Get a handle on your book’s metadata, and you can turn your book into a veritable cash machine. Ignore the finer points of metadata, and your book might fail to find the traction, impact, and income you would really like it to have. That would be a bummer. For those of you who cringe, as […]

The Prospective Power of Your Advance Reader Team There are several schools of thought when it comes to engaging advance readers. Some authors don’t like to share their books in advance of publication for fear of losing out on book sales. Some authors use a limited number of advance readers solely to catch mistakes and […]

Prosperity Starts with Promotion Honorée Corder As much as I love producing a book, it’s the promotion of a new book that really gets my juices flowing. And because I know the other columns in this month’s magazine are going to dive into the particulars of the different promo sites, I want to share from […]

Does it seem to you like everyone, or almost everyone, is freaking out as AI and ChatGPT gain recognition and popularity? Are you someone who thinks that these two could be taking cash money right out of your pocket? I’m not. I encourage you to, in the words of Taylor Swift, calm down. And here’s […]

Staring at a blank cursor can be even more stressful than staring at a low bank account balance. But as someone very wise once said, you can’t edit a blank page. I like to think about the words I write as money seeds I’m planting—I just have to patiently (okay, sometimes impatiently) wait for them […]

When I was a young entrepreneur, the phrase “mailbox money” was thrown around a lot. I think, in today’s world, email is the new mailbox money. When you do it effectively, it can be a source of income, either directly or indirectly. I think that’s pretty cool. If you’re stuck or reluctant, you’re not alone—that’s […]

I discovered the beauty of knowing other writers at the Colonists Summit back in 2014. At that conference, two dozen writers came together to talk all things writing and publishing. I was in heaven.  Although I knew about the concept of starving artists, and therefore writers, I’d worked on my overall money consciousness such that […]

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