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Prosperity: Multiply Your Success with AI

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Does it seem to you like everyone, or almost everyone, is freaking out as AI and ChatGPT gain recognition and popularity?

Are you someone who thinks that these two could be taking cash money right out of your pocket?

I’m not. I encourage you to, in the words of Taylor Swift, calm down. And here’s why.

As much as these computer programs can make our lives (and writing!) easier, nothing truly replaces good old-fashioned humans. We are the OGs, and we are here to stay.

Although computers can be given direction, be directed by an algorithm, and output results startlingly fast, nothing is crazier than fiction, and nothing is better than you—a human.

Said another way, only you can create magic by bringing two great ideas together. (Chocolate plus peanut butter equals magic! Popcorn plus a great movie equals bliss!) Computers can’t do that because they can’t think.

Truth is crazier than fiction, and your brain is more creative than the most sophisticated AI.

Would it also be helpful for me to remind you that every moment you focus on what you might lose through the advent of AI is a moment you’re not spending time quietly thinking up your next writing project, or actually writing it?

You can’t face north and south at the same time. You can’t be positive and negative at the same time. You can’t figure out how to maximize your prosperity if you’re focusing on your potential poverty. 

Case in point: While someone is on Facebook right now lamenting the fact that “AI is replacing writers!” and “ChatGPT is the end of creativity as we know it!” I’m sitting here writing.

Human touch, just like human creativity, is ultimately irreplaceable, which means you can continue to do what you’ve been doing: making great art, writing your words, and being awesome and creative.


You can utilize AI to your advantage. I’ve only used it once: to generate a webinar title. I didn’t think most of the titles, save one, were all that great. I ended up not using any of them, but the one I kind of liked gave me a jumping-off point. 

Here are a few suggestions for how you can use AI to jump-start your prosperity:

  • Use it as a jump start for your writing—kind of like having a template as opposed to a blank screen. 
  • Money likes speed. So does creativity. Use it to create your words faster and easier.
  • Amplify your ideas by using AI, and then put your brain on them to make them better, as only you can.

I’ve always thought of technology as tools to make my life better. Just keep asking yourself how AI can make your life, and your writing, better. Your brain will deliver answers to the questions you ask it.

Happy and prosperous writing!

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