The Author Wheel co-founder Megan Haskell Maps out the Many Paths of Indie Publishing Megan Haskell The road to indie authorship has changed drastically since it became an option for storytellers looking to make a living with their words. From on-demand printing to crowdfunding special editions, the rise of e-readers to generative AI tools for […]

The year may be winding down, but plenty of authors likely still have a lot of tasks on their indie author to-do list—and that’s in addition to holiday shopping. The more information in your head, the harder it is to know where to focus. Add enough to your plate, and you may just end up […]

From writing and editing to marketing and administration, independent authors juggle an array of responsibilities. With so many balls in the air, automating repetitive tasks can be a game changer. This is where a tool like Zapier comes in.  Zapier allows users to connect various web applications and services and set up automatic actions and […]

Professional Editors Underline the Vital Art of Line Editing Ernest Hemingway famously said “write drunk, edit sober.” But what if you were still a little hungover when you learned about each of the different styles of editing?  Each type of revision may play a unique, but no less important, role in the editing process, but […]

Master the Tool that Changes the Ads Game for Authors Imagine creating a captivating Facebook Ad for your latest novel. It garners attention, driving traffic to your book’s Amazon page. Then comes the million-dollar question: how do you calculate the impact of this ad? How many clickers turn into customers? Advertising is a key part […]

How Writers Can Make the Most of Google Docs and Microsoft Word Indie authors are in a unique position in the publishing world. We get to make all the decisions when writing and publishing our stories. It’s liberating, thrilling, and sometimes a little overwhelming. Software like Scrivener and Dabble, and programs like Reedsy Book Editor […]

Are you someone looking to master the fundamentals of writing? Or are you struggling to learn the ins and outs of book marketing, preferring to sit on the sidelines while you remain hidden behind your desk? As indie authors, we wear a lot of hats, and there are an incredible amount of things to learn […]

All writing groups are unique, yet they all share the ability to create deep bonds and lasting friendships among their members. In February, as we celebrate romantic relationships on Valentine’s Day, we also want to celebrate the close-knit, creative relationships made in these spaces. Indie Author Magazine reached out to four writers to hear about […]

Is It Time to Hire Outside Help to Keep Your Author Business Running? If only we really could buy time back when we needed it, life as an author would be so much easier. Sadly, we’re still stuck with twenty-four hours in a day, like everyone else. And, of course, we don’t want to spend […]

Millionaire authors can seem so grandiose. It’s hard to imagine an author making six figures a year from their work, let alone ten times that amount. Despite the apparent monstrosity of this task, there are many indie authors achieving this monument every year. Perhaps they know something the general public doesn’t—or perhaps they think differently […]

SMART Goals Aren’t Always The Smartest Before I was a writer, in the days when I earned a living training public and private sector workers how to manage their time, their teams, or themselves more effectively, I would advise everyone I met that the secret to goal setting was to write SMART objectives. If you […]

Not everything needs to be measured in terms of money. Jac Harmon When you think about success, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it money, fame, and being able to quit the day job? Or is it something else? Maybe it’s your novel for sale in a bookshop or even the knowledge […]

Using Micro-Goals to Achieve Your Macro Dreams Robyn Sarty We often become overwhelmed when we focus on our big picture goals. But if we only consider what we accomplish each day, we’ll never know if we’re inching closer to our dream. Knowing both your micro- and macro-goals can help you focus and achieve more. Life […]

You have committed to writing a book, worked out the characters, what’s going to happen to them. The world is verdant and fleshed out in your head and you’re ready to write. But fifty thousand words feels like too much. You have a fulltime job, kids to feed and nurture so they don’t go feral, […]

We’ve all read that publishing fast can be one of the drivers for a successful indie publishing career. In fact, there are writers who consistently produce a book a month. But how do they do that? What single factor enables these people to write 80,000 words in four weeks? Apart from an outline, the consensus […]

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