Indie Author Advertising

How Authors Can Use Ream to Build a Subscription Business As indie authors increasingly move toward wide distribution and direct sales, subscription services may offer a way to expand marketing opportunities beyond ads and newsletters, as well as build a predictable source of revenue. Anne Janzer, author of Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in […]

From Bookshelf to Bookstore: Exploring’s Four Major Marketing Avenues In the intricate tapestry of self-publishing, indie authors are constantly searching for ways to better control their income and their relationship with their readers. stands out not merely as another publishing platform but as a comprehensive solution to the dilemma. The platform supports a […]

You’ve written your first book, revised and edited it, and finally hit that “Publish” button. You’re over the moon that you’ve gotten your first piece out there but confused about why you’re not getting the feedback you thought you would. What do you do now?  Advertising can seem intimidating, scary, and expensive for those who […]

How many ads do we see a day? The answer is hard to calculate, but according to Forbes Magazine (, studies suggest we see anywhere between four thousand and ten thousand ads per day. That’s not far-fetched. Back in 2015, a marketer by the name of Ron Marshall ( set out to test the stats […]

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