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Melissa Addey, ALLi Campaigns Manager Should authors “write to market”? It’s a question we’ve answered before, but this month, we’re looking at a more practical question: if you want to understand what’s going on in the market in which you are doing business, how do you go about it? Where can you find the best […]

Melissa Addey, ALLi Campaigns Manager What book formats should an author be creating? Doesn’t it just come down to print, e-books, and audio? Well, no; there are a lot of exciting variations to explore under the broad heading of “formats.” The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) does of course offer detailed advice on each of […]

Melissa Addey, ALLi Campaigns Manager The term “backlist” is one self-publishing authors adopted from traditional publishers, though it’s less relevant in the days of digital publishing than it was when only the frontlist—the newest books—got the most attention from readers. Today, we can promote any book, any time, and though your latest book is often […]

Melissa Addey, ALLi Campaigns Manager When we use the term “book launch,” we’re referring to all the planned marketing activities surrounding your new book in its first weeks or months. The most well-known and popular ways of drawing attention to a new book include Often, indie authors think a book launch is one of the […]

Melissa Addey, ALLi Campaigns Manager What is “writing to market”? The phrase is tossed around a lot in author circles, and especially in independent publishing. The concept involves creating content specifically tailored to what’s currently in demand for readers, maximizing the chances of commercial success by writing what readers are actively seeking. You research popular […]

“Distribution” may sound technical and far from the creativity of writing. But distribution simply comes down to how you can get a book from your hands into those of your readers as easily and widely as possible. The Alliance of Independent Authors’ (ALLi’s) guiding policy for the most effective distribution plan is to be in […]

For successful authors, writing is not just an art. It is also a business. In fact, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) refers to its top tier members, who have access to special benefits, such as a literary agent, as “authorpreneurs” because they are authors but also entrepreneurs. It’s a mindset all authors who wish […]

Professional layout and formatting is crucial to a book’s success. All authors worry about their book covers, and rightly so, but a beautiful cover and wonderful content can quickly be overshadowed by poor layout and formatting. The Alliance for Independent Authors (ALLi) has a comprehensive book, Creative Self-Publishing, that covers the seven processes of self-publishing […]

At the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), the global association for professional self-publishers, one of our ongoing campaigns is what we call Self-Publishing 3.0, or SelfPub3 for short. The seismic shifts that the self-publishing sector has seen over the past two decades have all been driven by technology. SelfPub1 was the era of desktop and […]

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