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Letter From the Editor : October 2023

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Why did you pursue independent publishing? 

We could surely all answer differently. In my case, I knew traditional publishing could be a long and taxing process. I knew the book I wanted to write was in a niche genre and therefore would be harder to sell to an agent, even if I also knew it would have plenty of readership. I had a friend who had self-published already, and she was willing to answer my questions and lead me through decisions I needed to make. 

It was only as I ventured further into the world of self-publishing that I realized how many opportunities it offered. I once viewed indie publishing as a “backup option” for putting my book into the world, but our industry is constantly growing and evolving as we adapt to new programs, platforms, and ways to connect with readers. It has been that way since I dipped my toe into these waters in 2021.

And it’s only going to get better.

We partnered with Writer MBA for this special issue of IAM to showcase that future and all its many possibilities. One of our articles this month describes independent publishing as an open ocean in front of us, and it’s such a great metaphor for the future of this industry and where it may take you. Come to think of it, it’s a metaphor we use a lot—from the 20BooksTo50K® mantra, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” to the author who laments their exhaustion while trying to keep afloat in this month’s letter to Indie Annie. 

But even the best seafarers rely on maps, tools, and guides to get their heading. In these pages, we offer you just that: introductions to some of the most influential voices in the indie publishing world, resources for automating corners of your business or identifying your ideal marketing strategies. Whether you decide to just tip your toe in or are charting a course for distant waters, we hope they can spark your excitement for what’s out there. 

After all, there’s an entire ocean for us to explore. 


Nicole Schroeder

Editor in Chief

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