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Dear Indie Annie

Pressured in Peterborough Writes They Have a Fear of Finishing

Dear Indie Annie, I have a fear of succeeding, of finishing. Since January I have written two novels … well, almost two. For the last …

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Kindle Vella

Vella: KDP Gets Serialous

On April 13th, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) announced a new program: Kindle Vella, a home for serial stories. Like Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Worlds before it, indie authors around

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OP-ED: Why a Magazine?

One of the best things about the indie author community is that it is first and foremost a community. It’s unique because in the strictest sense, we aren’t competing with

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Genre Tropes

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10 Tips for Social Media

10 Tips for Discord

Discord is a multi-purpose chat app made popular by gamers that includes text, audio, and video. Available on all platforms and devices, it has quickly expanded to be one of the premiere locations for interacting with authors and readers. But for those accustomed to other social media platforms, Discord has …

Ten Tips for BookFunnel

BookFunnel specializes in e-book and audio distribution. Authors can send e-books directly to readers’ preferred reading devices, collect email addresses, participate in group promotions, and more. BookFunnel has created tools that save authors time, facilitate reader engagement, and it prides itself on its customer support. 1. Delivering Your Reader Magnet …

Ten Tips for Goodreads

At its core, Goodreads is a social media platform. It lives for the interaction between its users. Yet authors aren’t as active as they need to be to get the most out of Goodreads. A recent survey showed that nearly half of all author profiles were out of date, and …

Design for Indie Authors

Cover Design

Cover Your Backside: Creating a Full Wrap for Print Without Tears

There’s nothing quite like holding your book in your hands—an actual printed copy whose pages you can flip. For fiction authors choosing exclusivity for e-books …


The Bold and Beautiful

Ad Graphics That Sell Your novel debuts. The story is amazing. The cover is on trend. The product description is flawless. But not every author …


What’s Your Type?

How to Use the Magic Melding of Letters and Art to Sell More Books Typography is more than letters spelling out your title. It’s the …

A Guide to Publishing Your Book on Amazon

So, your book has been edited, and your designer has sent you an amazing, genre-appropriate cover. Congratulations! Now it’s time to upload it to the Amazon store, a retailer which accounts for 70% of the US e-book market. This article will take you through the process step-by-step and point out any pitfalls.  How to Find Keywords Amazon is the largest search …

Up the Publishing Wide Staircase: Go Direct or Use a Distributor?

In “Wide vs. Exclusive: Which is for You?” (IAM May 2021), we covered the pros and cons of publishing e-books as widely as possible. The alternative is publishing through programs requiring exclusivity, like Amazon’s KDP Select program. When authors decide to publish their e-books wide, the next question is: “go direct” or use a distributor? It’s a classic case of control …

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