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The Retail and Distribution Issue

As an indie author, you have many choices for where you can sell your creative work. How do you navigate your choices for retail distribution? Do you go wide directly, or via a distributor?

And if you’re already distributing wide, you might be ready to explore expanded formats like audio and direct sales.

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we share ways indie authors can maximize their retail channels of distribution.
Read this month’s distribution articles:

✓ Where can you sell your work? We break down the different retailers like Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, Book and Audible.

✓ How to choose the right distributor like Draft2Digital or Smashwords to simplify your process.

✓ What indie authors can do to get their books into libraries.

In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn all about distribution, and meet Featured Author Craig Martelle, the powerhouse and leader of the 20Booksto50K Facebook Group and global conference.

Plus, even more articles for you!

  • Our sassy advice-giving aunt, ★ Indie Annie ★ shares sage advice for regaining your writing spark
  • We review top distribution books for indie authors from ALLI, Monica Leonelle, and Mark Leslie Lefebvre
  • Our Podcast Picks you need to bookmark and listen to every week
  • The technology tools the top-selling authors use (plus tutorials!)
  • What satisfies Space Opera readers? Learn the tropes that work.
  • How to craft better backstories using a card game
  • All you need to know about how to navigate conferences successfully
  • Ten Tips for Book funnel, the app that takes the headache out of book delivery
  • How to sell direct and expand your online store to include author merchandise like mugs, shirts, stickers, and more
  • Tips for kicking Imposter Syndrome to the curb.
  • How to maintain historical accuracy without slowing down your book’s narrative
  • BONUS: Learn how indie authors at any stage of their career can use the National Novel Writing Month to their advantage from #NaNoWriMo enthusiast Merri Maywether.

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