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Featuring Gail Carriger: Shortcut Strategies for Plots, Outlines, and Structure


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The Outlining Issue

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Successful indie authors often take that first step with an outline. They take their nebulous ideas and make them real — but how?

You might cringe at the thought of stifling the creative process. Or, you might be the author that geeks out at the opportunity to break out a tool and start organizing right away.

Whether you’re a Plotter or Pantser — or some combination of both — you’ll learn what bestselling authors do to take the first step.

★ In this inaugural issue of Indie Author Magazine…

✓ Learn the top outlining methods successful indies use, and which will work for you.

✓ Explore the difference between the Snowflake Method and the Skeleton Draft.

✓ Delve into the software high-earning authors use to streamline their writing process.

In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn all about outlines, and meet Featured Author Gail Carriger, creator of the Heroine’s Journey. She shares her thoughts on selling over a million books in print, and how she’s transitioned to self-published over the last decade.

  • Besides the in-depth topic articles on outlining, we have over a dozen more articles for you!
  • Read reviews of top cover design books for indie authors
  • Peruse Podcast Picks you need to bookmark and listen to every week
  • Learn the technology tools the top-selling authors use (plus tutorials!)
  • Discover Ten Mystery Tropes and how you can satisfy sleuthy readers.
  • Recognize how to be sure your cover matches your genre – and gain the trust of readers
  • Ask yourself these five questions before going wide (and what is WIDE, anyway?)
  • Implement these Ten Tips for INSTAGRAM top earning authors use
  • Uncover how to write accurate fight scenes — the devil is in the details!
  • Download new apps you can use for starting a healthy habit regimen
  • Use this checklist to refine your definition of success as an indie author

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