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Authoring is a lonely business. It’s just you and your computer, pad, phone, or dictation device telling the story that’s in your head. The good news is that there are a lot of authors. It’s better to be alone together. 

How do you find other authors in your genre? Search for the type of books you write. Find those with a comparable number of reviews. And if you haven’t published? Look for those authors who are just starting out with one or two books in your genre.

Find them on social media within an author group. Comment and like things they post. Simple. Earn your name recognition, understanding that it takes time. The best thing you can do is watch the other authors’—plural—struggles as they work to find more readers and grow the foundation of their businesses. 

You may never have to talk with them as you learn what they’ve learned. And you’ll find that you have things to share, too, on your learning journey. Alone but together. And then you’ll find that you probably have a lot in common. 

Avoid phrases like “I’m an author too!” It doesn’t resonate with an established author. This is why it’s important to be in author-centric groups. It goes without saying that members are authors. Just like Batman, you shouldn’t have to tell people you’re Batman. Strangers, yes, but not the person who’s ahead of you in their authoring journey. 

You should avoid telling them you read their book. It makes for uncomfortable conversations unless it is simple praise. “I love how you integrated the cat and made him such an a-hole. He’s just like my cat.” That conversation is completely different. It’s not fangirling; it’s talking about specifics and mechanics of a story. It’s a conversation that authors and readers can easily share.

Don’t go this alone. Find your fellow authors and ease your way into the fold. As always, keep writing. There’s nothing like the newest book to shine a light on your other work. 

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