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10 Tips
Kasia Lasinska

Ten Tips for Patreon for Authors

Patreon, an online platform, allows people to financially support creatives, including authors, through a monthly tiered membership. It offers an excellent option for any indie author looking to diversify their income and create a new revenue stream. But how do

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie: School of Hard Knocks in Sussex

I’m working on a series of nonfiction books that I hope will help people with issues they may struggle with. I’m not a professional in my field; I’ve just learned a lot through life experience. Can I write from my

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Online news, journalism concept.
Nicole Schroeder

A Journalist’s Guide to the Perfect Press Release

When it comes to press releases, I’ve worked on both sides of the writing desk. I’ve stared at the same blank page that other authors—or editorial interns, in my case—have tried to craft into an interest-grabbing announcement, just like I’ve

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Laurel Decher

Beta Readers vs. ARC Readers: The Differences, Explained

If you already swap chapters with author friends, you know what it’s like to have critique partners. But have you considered beta readers to deepen your storytelling or ARC [advanced reader copy] readers to create pre-release buzz about your amazing

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Man in wheel chair writing
Health & Wellness
Angie Martin

Writing with Chronic Illness

Writing with chronic illness looks much different than writing without—and so does self-care. We often think of self-care as what we see prevalent in commercials or on the internet: spa days, vacations, etc. While these are nice, self-care for the

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Wasting My Time

Dear Indie Annie, My family thinks I’m wasting my time writing. They interrupt me frequently and expect me to drop what I’m doing since they don’t think I’m doing anything important. How can I convince them I want this to

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Ambulance van rushes down the highway
Devil in the Details
Jamie Davis

Devil in the Details: Emergency Medical Services

As authors, we put our characters through a variety of dangerous situations and often end up with some injured or ill. When we do this in a modern world, that character may encounter Emergency Medical Services (EMS) teams in their

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Foreign languages translation or learning languages online. Mobile phone or smartphone
Bre Lockhart

Getting Deep into Translations with DeepL

There’s nothing like a native speaker to help translate a text. But what if there were advanced AI technology that could help bring translated books into the world more quickly and with less of a dent to the author’s budget?

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Own your story.
From the Publisher
Chelle Honiker

From The Publisher: The Product of Perseverance

When it comes down to a hero’s journey, the one thing that makes the story compelling is their ability to overcome the obstacle. What odds did they beat? What was previously insurmountable that they have now conquered? And, more importantly,

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