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Editor’s Letter: Back to School

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A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon shopping for school supplies with my younger sister. She’ll be a freshman in college this year, attending the same university I did, and while I’m helping her prepare—showing her around campus, explaining how the bus system works and where to buy textbooks—I can’t help but feel nostalgic.

As a kid, I always secretly loved heading back to school. I would spend the last few weeks in August looking forward to Meet the Teacher Night and comparing schedules with my friends, making sure we at least shared the same lunch period. Years later, I still get excited when I see ads for all the notebooks, planners, and pens going on sale—though to be honest, what writer doesn’t? For me, the school year always meant organized notes, interesting lectures, and poring over books I wouldn’t normally think to read. It meant late-night study sessions and stress before an exam, but it also meant researching essay topics I didn’t realize I was passionate about and the tired relief I’d feel when I’d finally turn in a project. 

Our stories this month show how indie publishing can recreate those same memories. Plenty of us wile away the nights doing research for our books or reading about new marketing trends, like serialized fiction or transmedia. We work to create eye-catching designs with our Amazon A+ Content, just like the posters we made for in-class presentations. We build out schedules and set ourselves deadlines, and we’re no strangers to the library or the local coffee shops. We’re constantly reading, writing, editing, and learning, and when it’s all said and done, we hold our finished projects and feel that same tired relief tenfold. 

So ready your notebooks, and sharpen your pencils. Class is starting—and yes, there will be homework.

Nicole Schroeder

Editor in Chief

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